No, the Upper West Side didn’t get to experience “totality”, but eclipse 2017 was totally 71% awesome nonetheless. Check out some photos below, and send yours in to westsiderag at gmail dot com.

People gathered inside and outside the Museum of Natural History. Photo by Carol Tannenhauser. (Click to enlarge)

Spacey times in Sheep Meadow. Photos by Denton Taylor.

Of course there had to be a shirtless guy in Sheep Meadow.

A guy on 94th and Columbus gave other people a peek through his telescope. Photo by Tim Federle.

Here’s the eclipse as photographed from 100th Street and Central Park West by Dan Shulman. He didn’t use a filter: “Long lens stopped down to f16 and exposed for 1/8000th of a second.”

Photo below by Dale Semler.

The eclipse is reflected on a boy’s hand outside Columbia University. Photo by Aviva Zablocki.

Photo by Karen on Broadway:

A colander created a cool effect in the dog run outside the Museum of Natural History. Photo by Carolyn Luciano.

Photo by Susan in Riverside Park.

Photo by Ira Schwarz in Riverside Park.

People looking through boxes on the roof of the JCC at 75th and Amsterdam. Photo by Stephen Harmon:

Harmon himself marveling at the celestial brilliance:

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    1. Lois says:

      The reactions of New Yorkers captured here add 29% making it 100% awesome!

    2. Wendy says:


    3. Sylvia says:

      Great photos!