A new taco spot is here, but a well-loved Turkish restaurant has closed.

Super Tacos, owned by the guys who run the taco truck at 96th and Broadway, has a handwritten sign on the window saying it’s open at 96th Street and West End Avenue. The truck is famous, and hopefully the restaurant will live up to the reputation. (Let us know if you go!) Thanks to Tom for the tip.

Turkuaz, a Turkish restaurant on Broadway between 99th and 100th Street that had been around since 2000, closed on Sunday. Owner Ali Kocak said he was closing following a dispute with his landlord. Turkuaz has another location in Fort Lee. The restaurant had a good reputation. “Loved it,” wrote Paul, who sent in the photo above. “Really unique yet low-key joint. They had belly dancing on Saturday nights, tapestries on the ceilings, and a great brunch. Nice place for a romantic date or a large party.”

HeyDay, a skincare shop, is opening on 71st and Columbus next to Drybar this fall, according to a sign out front. Thanks to Swati for the photo.

Saje Natural Wellness at 158 Columbus Avenue (67th) is holding an opening party on Tuesday, August 22, with special deals, champagne and “plant-based treats.” It’s taking over part of the old Starbucks space there.

Taiji Body Work, a new massage spot and spa, just opened on 102nd street between Broadway and Amsterdam (but closer to Broadway), Jessica tells us.

Royal Soul Food at 914 Columbus has closed and has a For Rent sign in the window. Thanks to Daren for the tip.

Laser Away, which does hair and tattoo removal, is opening on Amsterdam between 66th and 67th next to Starbucks. As Lee points out, another hair removal place called Spruce & Bond already opened across the street. Thanks to Lee for the photo.

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    1. Mark says:

      “Turkuaz, a Turkish restaurant on Broadway between 99th and 100th Street that had been around since 2000, closed on Sunday…following a dispute with his landlord.”

      One question: Does The Market eat Turkish?

    2. Sue says:

      Loved Turkuaz! Will miss it.

      So… a bank? A Duane Reade? A Blue Mercury?

    3. SA NYC says:

      Tattoo removal services: the most predictable pendulum swing-back business of the last 10 years?

    4. DrMary says:

      UWSiders. Evidently we have bad skin. Bad hair. Bad bodies. So what else is new? We’re middle aged!!! What we need are reasonably priced groceries, a decent laundromat open past 8:30 pm (and on the weekends! I mean, come on!!! We’re middle aged, not dead.) and comfortable, welcoming places to eat. I am futility awaiting the day that all of these new, overpriced, self-pampering stores go away. I mean, would I like to have better skin? Better hair? A better body? Of course. I’m just too smart to think paying exorbitant must-cover-the-rent prices for ineffective marketing-driven drivel is real. I’ll eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water and continue to look for a place to do my fucking laundry, thank you very much.

      • JM says:

        Well said.

      • Cat says:

        I’d also prefer a laundry and a normal grocery store where I don’t have to battle my way through the aisles and stand online for 30 minutes. These places cater to the 20 to 30ish crowd who already look super amazing and do the whole gym, laser, facial, stylist, mani/pedi routine. It’s just maintenance for them and they can afford to blow $200 on a teeny bag of products every week. They don’t want people who need an overhaul. 😉

      • ron shapley says:

        Post this all over the neighborhood…..

    5. james says:

      This place was a dump, of course they are closed!

    6. L says:

      So sorry to see Turkuaz go. Great restaurant.

    7. UWCider says:

      Royal Soul Food was a strange place. The food was OK but (for that type of place) could have been going pricey really quick because of the buffet style. I`m almost certain its a chain. I have seen one in Brooklyn.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        bland food (a lot of mush), that went up in price every few months. won’t be missed.

      • Virginia says:

        I’m sorry for the owners but when I checked it out a while ago, people were touching the food, changing their minds and putting it back. Self-serve buffets are a bad idea.

    8. Nicole says:

      Turkuaz was terrific and rather unique. What a shame! Nothing but personal care, suburban-style chains and banks opening up in place of all the interesting places that have been closing. Don’t landlords realize that is just going to bring all real estate prices down eventually as the neighborhood becomes totally boring?

    9. Chuck D says:

      Loved Turkuaz! Yet another place closed on Broadway. When are these landlords going to learn????????

    10. AnDee says:

      What’s up with Mama’s Too? Haven’t seen signs of activity there for months!

    11. Jay says:

      Turkuaz really was not good (bodrum is far superior) and the space was huge. Last time I went it was more than 2/3rds empty. I’m not surprised it closed. Hopefully something better will replace it.

    12. Alice says:

      Does anyone know what is happening to the Westside Market on Broadway and 77th Street? Is it closing? There are signs outside saying “Save Westside Market.”

    13. Mark Moore says:

      So now that the restaurant opened what are they going to do with the taco truck? I doubt they’ll leave it a block away.

    14. ya says:

      Why can’t we get a good Thai restaurant around here?

    15. Margaret Ryan says:

      Oh,sad about Turquaz. Only place that did well in that space since it was, i think, Uncle Wong’s Harbin Inn in the mists of history. Loved their food, and the ambiance.