An SUV slammed into the subway station at 66th Street and Broadway early Wednesday morning, sending two people to the hospital.

The FDNY says they got the call about the crash at 6:12 a.m. and transported two people to Cornell Hospital with serious injuries. The crash started when a tractor-trailer hit the SUV, according to amNY.

“The tractor trailer T-boned the SUV at the intersection of Broadway and West 66th Street around 6:10 a.m., the NYPD said.

The SUV then hit a man and crashed into the 66th Street-Lincoln Center subway station entrance.”

DNAinfo interviewed the tractor-trailer driver, who said he didn’t do anything wrong.

The 18-wheeler was heading south on Broadway while the SUV was coming across West 66th Street, the tractor-trailer’s driver told DNAinfo New York.

“I had a green light. The guy ran through a red,” said the driver, 69, who refused to give his name. “I made the last light and was doing 25 mph. He came right under me. I never had a chance.

“It was bang, bang,” he added. “He was right behind the elevator [at the subway station], where he stopped. I did everything right.”

The Daily News also posted some dramatic pictures of the scene.

Photo by anonymous tipster.

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    1. West88 says:

      Horrific. I used to live on 65th btw CPW and Columbus. Cars ALWAYS ran through those lights. Even today when I’m going to Bed Bath, I routinely have a walk sign yet there’s still a line of cars driving thru the crosswalk despite the red light (it’s the whole group mentality – if he’s going through I’m going as well).

    2. nycityny says:

      Amazingly, it’s fixed already. I just came from that corner. There are wet paint signs on the rails, you can see the wet cement into which the rails were set and folks are entering/exiting the station.

      Sometimes the MTA really surprises.

      • ScooterStan says:

        “Sometimes the MTA really surprises.”

        DEFINITELY !!

        Same reaction; expected to find a mess and instead found everything replaced and featuring a fresh coat of paint!

        As for w. 66th Street, local residents know it as “The Suburbanites’ Speedway” b/c it allows access (via Riverside Blvd.) to the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway.

        Afternoons find it filled with teeth-clenching ‘Sub-boob-a-nites’ driving like Indy-500 types, desperate to escape the city they despise (and to which they pay NO commuter or other tax).

      • bob says:

        If it happened in East New York, something tells me it would take a lot longer…

    3. Zulu says:

      Fascinating how there are only two comments in this article and of the two, only one condemns this act of vehicular violence.
      Had it been an article about cyclists or bike lanes the gates of hell themselves would have opened to release vitriol and condemnation filling the comments section with 47 postings deep.

      • Nancy says:

        Well let me satisfy your need. I am routinely dodging cyclists. I yell “there’s a red light”. They yell ” f you”. They are typically rude and could care less how many times they make a senior citizen jump out of their path. Happy now?

        • Zulu says:

          You proved my point.

        • Zulu says:


          Can you please explain why you’re not outraged by the same behavior when done by motorists? I see drivers run red lights every single day as well as speed placing other people in much graver danger than anybody can do on a bicycle.

          I want to know why are most people so selective with their indignation?

      • Whitney says:

        I’ll never forget the letter to the upper west side local paper about the old person upset about the bike lanes and how they “were dangerous” I died laughing. There’s no rhyme and reason to what upper west sides get mad about….. except mostly everything! Lol

        • Cat says:

          Well, I’m not an ‘old person,’ (yet) but maybe you could tell us how funny you think it is the next time you get hit by one of these idiots zipping through the bike lanes and intersections.

        • Mark says:

          “There’s no rhyme and reason to what upper west sides get mad about….. except mostly everything! Lol” – Whitney

          Pretty low estimation of your neighbors, but you’re cool.

    4. Tom says:

      This truck driver is a liar, I walked by the accident at 6:34 and have several pictures; if he was only going 25 miles an hour how would it have been possible to have collided and ended up that far south of 66th street, hitting with such force that he was able to plow through the metal entrance of a subway – starting 20 feet back from the edge of 66th and ending up past the subway station entrance by the elevator ~50 feet past. Measure the distance; this truck driver should have been arrested for vehicular assault and tested for drugs… it’s a miracle that there were not more injuries…

      • Woody says:

        What is your expertise in determining the distance a tractor-trailer travels before stopping at 25 MPH? And it was the SUV that took out the railing, not the truck.