The cables that burned under 71st and Broadway last week, causing hundreds of people to lose power, were piled on the street nearby on Tuesday morning.

A Con Edison spokesman tells us it was caused by “failures on the underground electrical delivery system, resulting in manhole fires and customer outages.” Generators have been running to provide power to buildings nearby as Con Ed repairs the damage.

“The generator is feeding two buildings while we continue to work on our electrical delivery equipment,” the spokesman added. “We hope to remove the generator by the end of the week, but will have a better idea as our work progresses.”

Photos by Stephen Harmon.

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    1. Eln says:

      Anyone know if Trader Joe’s was effected. I’d hate to see all their food spoiled.

    2. Marie says:

      Merchants are routinely leaving their door open at the
      Same time the a:c is on greatly exacerbating
      The situation wasting electricity. Merchants
      Must shut their doors. Further its illegal


    3. Paris Wyome says:

      Nope. No effect on food as far as I could tell. Hardly anybody there. I was in and out of that TJ in well under 5 minutes. No lines. Hooray! Should be like that most of the time. Then I would shop there more often.
      Badly designed retailer.

    4. JEB says:

      I suspect this will be an on-going problem. Not to mention the nightmare of our subways. Where are the politicians? Time to start holding their feet to these fires?

      • B.B. says:

        Actually considering the recent long spate of hot/humid weather, and demands on electrical system, things have been going rather smoothly.

        It wasn’t that long ago that just a few days of constant heat over 90F brought requests from ConEd and or the city for residents/businesses in areas to reduce their electrical use. This was done to lessen stress on the infrastructure and of course grid.

        I mean when was the last time you heard the word “brownout”? Major blackouts as well happen less frequently.

    5. Gulzarahmad says:

      Way is burned

    6. Gulzarahmad says:

      I will so angry