Brienne of Tarth, via White Gold.

White Gold, the butcher shop and restaurant on 78th and Amsterdam Avenue is hosting Game of Thrones dinners, where they’ll be feeding you large “hunks of meat.”

And here’s the catch: there will be no utensils, to keep it “authentic,” according to NBC News.

Indeed the owners seem pretty bloodthirsty on their webpage.

“Love big hunks of meat? Love bad asses fighting for kingdoms and stuff? LOVE EATING BIG HUNKS OF MEAT WHILE WONDERING HOW YOU CAN BECOME BRIANNE OF TARTH?!?!? Oh good!!!!!”

The event starts at 7:30 on Sundays and tickets cost $55.

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    1. R Pike says:

      Black Tie optional?

    2. Mook says:

      Same as that dopey Medieval Times.

    3. Wendy says:

      Save our family farms & family ranches, &, century farms. Citizens on Food Stamps can ,probably , NOT afford that “Game of Thrones dinner”. I perused the cookbook. Too many food deserts in N.Y.C.. Too much waste of food in U.S.A., Denmark , Canada ? The Salvation Army’s FREE Lunch, Lenox Ave., {THANKS] — was a few Ravioli , today. Better than eating bark off Trees; or, Tulip bulbs. There were Apples, & ,hunks of Bread , also – too choose. How many illegal aliens in U.S.A. ?