Oysters are on their way, as well as new coffee and Italian food.

Dark Bullet Sake & Oyster Bar is opening in the former home of Amcook Fusion Cuisine at 154 West 72nd Street. We have no further info, but it sounds fun! Thanks to Sue and Mike for the photo.

Jack’s Stir Brew coffee shop is going into the former Rain space at 74th and Columbus Avenue, according to Jackie, who spoke to an employee of the store. Apparently, it serves organic coffee and vegan baked goods.

An Italian restaurant called Osteria 106 is getting ready to open in the former home of Gastronomia Culinaria at 53 West 106th Street. Noah sent us a photo of the menu, which has pastas, bruschettas, and meat and fish dishes.

Salad and grain bowl restaurant Sweetgreen is opening its next location at 2460 Broadway (91st Street) on Monday. “100% of opening day proceeds benefit FARMroots Shoulder to Shoulder, a program that provides both aspiring and established Greenmarket farmers with business technical assistance and training designed to ensure the long-term viability of participating farms and farmland.” Thanks to Daren for the tip.

Heyday beauty salon is opening its fourth NYC location at 67 West 71st Street in the fall. It apparently “specializes in making facials a routine step in everyday life.”

West Side Pilates is moving from 91st and Broadway to a new larger location on 96th and West End Avenue. Thanks to Halle for the tip.

T&R Pizzeria on Amsterdam between 79th and 80th Streets appears to be closed for good. We learned the following from a reader: “The other day I walked by T&R and they were taking out the mixers and other equipment out of the shop,” wrote Emily. “We spoke to the owner and he said that after the gas leak the landlord had them continuing to pay rent while they were still closed and it became impossible for them to pay without any incoming profit. The owner did say something about moving to 85th and Amsterdam so I figured they would be joining the Caesar’s team, but with the news of Caesar’s closing, perhaps T&R will open a new location? I’m hoping!”

As we’d confirmed earlier, Sephora is opening a new location on Broadway between 73rd and 74th Streets, and appears to be taking the old American Apparel space and part of the former Loehmann’s space. We’ve heard rumors about another potential tenant in that building too. Thanks to Sunny for the photo.

Serafina on Amsterdam and 122nd has apparently changed hands and is now La Grata. Website here. Thanks to Rich for the tip.

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    1. Lisanne says:

      There’s a vacant spot on corner of 85 and Amsterdam in row with Jacobs Pickles, EBar and a little Israeli carry out. Also open spot on opposite corner where unfinished furniture store was. T&R would be a nice addition with loss of Ceasars.

      • Bob says:

        There is some construction activity at Desktop USA, looks like maybe an Asian restaurant.

    2. Daniela says:

      Today Sunday, July 2, Sweetgreen is having a “soft” opening. Food is free.

    3. Paul says:

      I’ve been to Jack’s Stir Brew on West 19th in the Village. The coffee is very good. It will be nice to have them nearby.

    4. RK says:

      I’ve been to the Jacks Stir Brew near South St Seaport. Their gimmick is a homemade mechanical stirrer in the drip coffee maker which stirs the grounds while the coffee drips.
      I couldn’t really tell the difference and wasn’t crazy about the final product. Not bad just not great. Certainly nothing to compare with a nice pourover from Boxkite or Joe’s.
      They had the normal fancy pastries and sandwiches, and it was a nice place to sit for awhile.

    5. Margaret says:

      Just noticed this morning, Cafe Noi (Amsterdam between 78th and 79th) has closed. That was a great little place. Sad to see them gone.

    6. Loving that we have Sweetgreens up here! Finally a DIY salad place that is FRESH every single time. Nothing worse then ordering a choose-your-own salad and realizing one of the veggies tastes “off.” Staff is cool, too – especially Deja. She has made my salad a couple of times and she’s a delight.