People flocked to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at 89th Street in Riverside Park on Monday morning to pay their respects.

Top three photos by Aris Dervis. Bottom photo by Kenneth.

Memorial Day ceremony about to start, grey skies making it even more somber. Thinking about all the families for whom this day is personal. 🇺🇸 #memorialday #usa🇺🇸 #fleetweek #salutetoservice #nyc🗽#uws #riversidepark #riversidedrive #homeofthebrave

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    1. sg says:

      I was at the Memorial…what a great way to honor our fallen heroes. Too bad that Helen Rosenthal had to taint the ceremony with her speech. Instead of rightly addressing the sacrifices made, she focused on the standard liberal agenda about the Civil War and pushed her revisionist history, including the removal of Conferate monuments. Shame on you Helen…next time you should take a page from Gale Brewer’s playbook and deliver an event appropriate speech.

      • Mark says:

        Too bad your obsession with Helen Rosenthal had to taint this lovely thread.

        • MJ says:

          I didn’t hear the speech, so I can’t really comment on whether it was appropriate for the event, but I honestly don’t understand what getting rid of Confederate monuments has to do with revisionist history…Isn’t it revisionist history in fact to honor those who once upheld the principle that OWNING another human being was a good thing? Not sure why anyone would be ok with keeping up monuments to people like that. Unrelated to Memorial Day, but you should check out New Orleans Mayor Landrieu’s recent speech on this.

    2. pqw says:

      This is a beautiful monument. Pity it has been so neglected

    3. PT says:

      I think some one should put together some organization to renovate the monument. It is in terrible shape and in that condition, does not honor the sacrifices that were made by the people it is supposed to honor.