What’s that we smell? New coffee, pizza and Italian food!

A salon called Kolorbar opened at 2301 Broadway (83rd) and is offering specials for its first two weeks. Thanks to Kim for the photo above and Kevin for the tip.

Joe Coffee is opening at 270 Amsterdam Avenue, apparently in the location currently occupied by Amaryllis Florist. It joins Joe’s existing UWS locations at 514 Columbus Avenue (85th Street) and 187 Columbus Avenue (68th Street).

Italian restaurant Serafina is opening a new location at 2735 Broadway between West 104th and West 105th Streets. That’s the former home of Toast, which closed earlier this year. “The asking rent was $28,000 per month with no key money,” the Commercial Observer reported. Serafina has 10 other NYC locations.

Champion Pizza, which sells square “grandma’s” slices, has opened in the underground Turnstyle food court at the Columbus Circle subway station.


Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) is expanding its office at 96th Street and Broadway into the former home of Grand Metro hardware, the company confirmed this week. “The larger space will enable Spectrum to provide an enhanced experience for our UWS customers,” the spokesman wrote. Thanks to Paul and Ruby for the tips.

Landmark Cinemas is opening a theater at The Via at 625 West 57th Street and has hung a sign outside. Thanks to Scott for the tip.

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    1. Izzy says:


    2. Dee says:

      Re: Serafina. Do we really need another Italian restaurant? Macchina on 106th and Mezzogiorno between 107-108th don’t appear to have long lines. And Serafina’s pricing isn’t a big draw – on the high end of moderate. Wish it were a different cuisine…greek maybe.

      • Toni says:

        Even though I might agree with the Italian restaurants. I think serafina is going to be a great fit. Other restaurants have a very limited menu. At serafina you can get almost any Italian dish you can think of ! Kids friendly family friendly and date spot. I grew up going there As for price hopefully they adjust a little to the neighborhood

      • Eat More Basque says:

        Greek? Yuck. Who needs more lamb stinkin’ up the joint?

        Why not Andorran? What have you got against the Andorrans? What has an Andorran even done to you?

        Would it kill this city to have one place where you could get a decent, authentic Gateau Basque for less than a kidney?

    3. lynn says:

      “Joe Coffee is opening at 270 Amsterdam Avenue, apparently in the location currently occupied by Amaryllis Florist. It joins Joe’s existing UWS locations at 514 Columbus Avenue (85th Street) and 187 Columbus Avenue (68th Street).”

      The owner of Amaryllis told me last Christmas that the landlord wanted a store (to replace him) that was more necessary and in tune with the neighborhood. This is really disappointing.

      • Sean says:

        It is completely in tune with the younger people. The surgical supply store in that strip closed sometime ago. That would have been for the other half.

      • David Morris says:

        I agree.

      • RF says:

        Disappointing? After Oren’s closed, Joe became my go-to. It’s fantastic, but the 85th Street location is tiny and the line is often out the door. It will be awesome to have another non-Starbucks option in the neighborhood!

    4. Kathleen says:

      So excited to see a Landmark Theater in the hood. They showcase indies! Yay!

    5. John says:

      Is the new Landmark at 625 West 57th Street (just off the river/highway) really on the Upper West Side — or is that more Hell’s Kitchen. Or perhaps: precise “cusp” of the two?

    6. Simona says:

      I loove Serafina …authentic rich Italian food 🙂

    7. West End Girl says:

      Spectrum TWC – enhanced how exactly?

    8. Paul RL says:

      Now I feel like picketing Spectrum

    9. David Morris says:

      An ‘enhanced experience.” Worse service, more expensive. That’s Spectrum.

      • Bishop says:

        I miss Fowad.

      • Kenneth says:

        Spectrum/TWC will give up its corner space (perhaps when the lease is up) and move entirely into the old Grand Metro space. In this market, the south east corner of Broadway and West 96th could be worth far more then Spectrum is willing to pay. It’s a service and payment center – Not a retail location. They don’t need to pay for a corner location.

    10. Nwags says:

      Anyone know the story with Barcibo Enoteca?

    11. Nkatt says:

      Does anyone remember Stardust on Ams Ave between 72-73? When did it close?

      • AC says:

        Stardust , , , a blast from the past. I believe it closed in late 2007, as Pink opened in the Spring of 2008.

    12. grandma says:

      whatever happened to Daitch shopwell

    13. Kacey says:

      Correction- Kolorbar address is 2303 Broadway not 2301 Broadway!!

    14. Ted says:

      It is so weird but I have this nagging memory of a horrible internet/cable provider, just can’t seem to remember the name but after seeing all the commercials for Spectrum I have forgotten all about all the terrible stuff and now believe this bigger monopoly will mean better, cheaper, more reliable service for all of us. The future is almost here.

    15. UptownGirl says:

      Does anyone know what opening up between 109 and 110 and columbus, next to MBV? I asked one of the workers and he responded very nicely with “I’m just here putting in the door.”