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Police roped off a section of Central Park West on Monday morning between 93rd and 94th Street next to Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, the school that President Trump’s son Barron attends. “There was a suspicious vehicle we were investigating,” said an NYPD spokesman.

Police also closed off 93rd and 94th Street between CPW and Columbus, according to our tipster, who sent the photos above and below. NYPD sent an alert out about the incident: “Due to police activity, expect traffic delays and a heavy presence of emergency personnel in the area of West 92nd Street and Central Park West in Manhattan.”

Police determined the vehicle was not a threat, the NYPD spokesman said.

Update: The New York Post had more on the vehicle:

The 1993 Chevy pickup truck had visible “military equipment” inside when it was reported parked outside the Columbia Preparatory School around 9:45 a.m., cops said.

The truck, parked on West 93rd Street right off Central Park West, also had a license plate that didn’t match the Vehicle Identification Number, cops said.


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    1. Independent says:

      So what was the vehicle with “military equipment” and mismatched numbers? Will we ever be told?

      I would hope that regardless of what anyone here may think about the President or his family otherwise, all would unequivocally join me in wishing only well toward First Son Barron and praying for his safety. I believe that even here on the Upper West Side, there exist at least a considerable number of residents whose message to anyone who would do any harm to the tender, precious child is a clear, unequivocal, emphatic “Over my dead body!”. That throughout the country there are many people who feel that way, easily numbering in the millions, I have little doubt.

      • UWSer says:

        Agree with you as to Barron. His father, not so much.

      • NYC_Would_Love_Trumps_To_Move_Out_Of_Town says:

        Stupid post. Of course decent people don’t want the kid in harm’s way. But since you mentioned “praying”… that really works, right?… then how about praying for this country and the world instead?

      • Cjberk says:

        Sorry but you make no sense.my taxes pay to protect a child who should NOT be in school here. He is not my responsibility …he should be in Washington. As should his mother. We are paying millions to protect a dysfunctional family and an unhinged so called President. Let his father protect him. I really don’t care. Tender precious child?. Seriously?

        • Scott says:

          We also paid for Secret Service protection for Valerie Jarrett for 8 years. Since she’s moved in with the Obamas, she’s still getting it. I find this disgusting. As an apparent critic of government expenses, so should you.

          • CatShaw54 says:

            That Jarrett story is another pants-on-fire lie that Breitbart, Fox News, etc. have been promulgating. They say she’s there to lead an “insurgency” against Trump. Paranoia, poppycock, lies.

            • CatShaw54 says:

              I don’t know if she still get secret service protection but she did when Obama was in the White House. Not unusual. Doesn’t Kellyanne Conway get secret service protection now?

            • Scott says:

              Yes, I’m sure Obama’s consigliere moved in with them because she makes great waffles. I notice how you don’t contest the fact that she has moved in with them, or that she receives Secret Service protection. You contest the “spin,” which only means you lie yourself.

            • Independent says:

              A careful reading of the comment of Scott’s that you replied would reveal that he said nothing about any “insurgency”, etc.

        • Woody says:

          Did you say the same nonsense when other presidents had family outside of Washington?

        • Carlos says:

          I am 100% anti-Trump but I am OK with Barron staying here through this school year. However, he should move to DC starting in the fall, as should Melania. And Trump should be footing the bill for all of this.

          I have no problem mentioning what school he is at as it is the worst kept secret in NY. Generally speaking, though, I think it is no one’s business what school celebrity kids go to.

      • Mark says:

        I don’t pray, but thanks for asking.

    2. Davis says:

      Not really sure you tell everyone that’s not aware that the presidents son goes to this school putting other children at risk.

      • Karen Bruno says:

        I agree.

      • Gretchen says:

        Well, first of all, this was also reported in the NYPost. Besides, everyone knew where all the first children went to school — the Obama girls, the Bush twins, Chelsea Clinton, Amy Carter, etc., and they all have Secret Service protection, unlike so many more vulnerable school children. So, what’s the problem?

      • Woody says:

        Do you really think it’s a secret?

    3. Anonymous says:

      Please be discreet and don’t publish the name of the school like this, for safety’s sake.

    4. Patty says:

      Who cares!!!

    5. Barbara Michalak says:

      This story could have been covered without any reference to the child. Consider substituting a redacted but still truthful version.

      • West Sider says:

        In general, we go to great lengths to protect privacy, including not reporting on where celebrities live, unlike virtually every other news website and newspaper in the city. But this story is about a specific police response for a specific reason. The identity of his school has been covered extensively in the press, and that’s been the case for every child of every president.

    6. Kate says:

      I would be so upset if I had a child in that school. This family is just a problem in every way possible!! Just saying!

    7. Mark says:

      Some of these responses are priceless and suggest that there are WSR readers who aren’t familiar with search engines.
      I would expect that someone intent on doing harm probably understands how to use Google.

    8. Davis says:

      Everybody knows? Really think before you speak, there are always nuts looking to do people harm. Why feed information for NO REASON!
      But yes if you see a reason people NEED to know where a child goes to school let us all know.

    9. Independent says:

      Yes, the information of where First Son Barron Trump attends school is public knowledge, has been widely reported by many media outlets and can be obtained within seconds using an Internet search engine such as Google or DuckDuckGo.

      Still, there are plenty of people who are not aware of this info and every public mention of it no doubt results in many people becoming aware of it who otherwise would not have. I, for example, did not learn that young Barron attended school here until reading a comment that mentioned said fact, posted here at WSR back in September.

      Do I find it likely that any such mention would result in any real harm to anyone? No, I do not. But I also do not find it inconceivable that someone with less-than-benign intent could be influenced or aided by any such mention. Perhaps a more realistic concern is that such publicity could bring various forms of increased attention to the First Son; his mother the First Lady; other students at the school; or its faculty that, while not malicious or even necessarily harmful, per se`, would nonetheless be less-than-welcome or desirable for any of the aforementioned parties. (For example, people who would simply want to try to get an autograph from, snap a photo of, or even merely catch a glimpse in the flesh of the First Son or his mother, the First Lady, as they arrive at or leave the lad’s school– actions that are all harmless in and of themselves but when considering how much of a challenge it already has to be for the poor child to have a semblance of privacy and normalcy in his life…)

      For these reasons, I have long felt that care should be taken to avoid gratuitous mention of the information-in-question and I have myself refrained from doing so at least several times when posting comments online.

      I do not mean to single-out WSR for blame or censure here; I acknowledge that in reporting this story, they were merely reporting what the NY Post and any other number of other outlets had already reported. But had any of them consulted me before publishing such stories, absent being convinced of a compelling public good in doing so, I would likely have advised against it.