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Dog poop is one of the scourges of the neighborhood, and the number of complaints about it has been rising. According to Renthop, complaints to 311 spiked 180% on the Upper West Side between January-June 2015 and January-June 2016. Locals have gone to great lengths to remind their neighbors to clean up after their dogs, but it never seems to eliminate the problem. We heard this fall that a woman was leaving poop in the tree wells near the Museum of natural History because “I don’t pick it up when it’s in the dirt.”


Renthop doesn’t include the total numbers of complaints, but we crunched some numbers and they show that there aren’t many official complaints. We all hate dog poop, but few of us actually call 311 about it. Since 2010, there have been a total of 91 official dog poop complaints in the neighborhood. (Crunch the data yourself here.)

Councilmember Helen Rosenthal’s office is now giving out laminated signs like the one above that you can post to remind the offenders that there are hefty fines for their negligence.

Signs can be posted on buildings only (with appropriate permission by their building owner/managing agent) to discourage this kind of action.

Let me know if you’d like one or some: we can arrange to drop it off for you or you can pick them up at our District Office at 563 Columbus Avenue, NYC 10024 212-873-0282 x200.

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    1. Cassandra says:

      It is a huge problem. The signs are one thing but there is a lack of enforcement. There is also a lack of enforcement of leash laws, particularly in the parks – I find dogs often running leash-less in the mornings and pooping on the same lawns people picnic on. Eww.

      The city should create mandatory annual dog licensing and owners should be subject to losing their license if they are found to violate leash and/or poop laws. The revenue generated could help offset the cost of keeping the streets and parks clean.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        This is a great idea!

        Now that I think about it, I am surprised it hasn’t been implemented already…this being NYC and all. Everyone and everything else seems to be regulated to (almost) death since the Bloomberg era.

        Also, another easy source of revenue for the city. Never seen a politician turn down one of those before.

        Leaving dog poop all over the place goes against everything a civil society requires to operate. It drives me crazy everyday. People complain soooo much about everything around here…construction, bikes, landlords, businesses, transit safety, crime, and on and on. THIS SHOULD BE OUR #1 COMMUNITY ISSUE.

        Those of you who love and respect our neighborhood…we all need to rally around this issue. Surely this is something we can all agree on. This may be the most non-partisan issue ever!:)

      • lynn says:

        I’m not sure what you mean by mandatory dog licensing, as the city already requires dog licenses to be renewed every year. I have two dogs and wait for them both to finish before clean up after them, and the parks department is always on my case if they think it isn’t being done. Two years ago I saw ‘poop bags,’ being left on the ground at various points around the bridle path and I emailed the parks department and the CP Conservancy several times about the lack of trash receptacles. The following summer there were several new receptacles placed around the park. I’m not saying it was my doing but sometimes you have to complain to the right people instead of just posting complaints on the internet.

        • UWS_lifer says:

          Lynn is 100% correct. I never knew that but she is right. NYC requires dog owners to get a license AND display it on their collar.

          Hmmm…learn something new everyday. Thanks for pointing that out. It doesn’t surprise me though, like I said, seems like an easy source of $$$ for the city.

      • Susan C says:

        It is legal to have dogs off-leash in Central Park before 9 am. Don’t know when you’re seeing them, but this might explain why you are seeing this.

    2. che says:

      I think most dog owners take care of their dog poop but don’t mind having their dog pee right in the middle of the sidewalk for everyone to have to walk around.

    3. Glen says:

      I think the real scourge is people who pick up the poop but don’t put the baggie in the corner basket. The baggies litter the sidewalks mid block in the West80s.

    4. Wendy says:

      Maybe it’s Dog waste, NOT human waste. [N.Y.C. deserves hundreds of Public Toilets]. Too many BIG dogs in Central Harlem; oft, it seems — Pit Bulls. Few folk seem to walk their Dog, properly; 2017. There was a street, which had : Pooper scoopers, available. N.Y.C. doesn’t seem to yet eat Dogs ! Have seen Dog waste on too many Sidewalks; 2016 —Haven’t seen official Dogwalkers with 3-8 Dogs, 2017. {I’ve complaints @ a certain Dog, & , 2 seemingly : Owners].

    5. Drrochira says:

      If one were to compare the number of poop incidents to number of dogs, one would see the ratio declining. While no one likes poop, these signs are fascist and negative.

      • Rachel says:

        fascist??? forcing me to dodge poop piles up to 10 per block at times is far worst. My only problem with the signs is that everyone knows no one actually gets ticketed. We need to enforce dog waste rules. Also – I hate people that let their dogs pee against the buildings instead of the curb. Sidewalks angle down and this creates a stream that all stroller and wheelchair wheels have to roll through. Its disgusting.

        • Julia says:

          Hi Rachel,
          I’m sorry my dog doesn’t know anything but to pee on the sidewalk, much like your kids don’t know anything but to pee in their diapers.

          Gosh. Food for thought. Thanks Rachel!

          • Anon says:

            Like people teach their children to use toilets you can teach your dog to pee at the curb. That is what the “curb your dog” signs mean.

          • geoff says:

            ever hear of the expression “curb your dog”? that means lead your dog to the curb because as you say, “my dog doesn’t know anything but to pee on the sidewalk”.

            your defense is really depressive.

          • Julia says:

            Friends, countrymen, UWS commenters,

            I am sorry that dogs don’t deserve your love. They don’t take nearly the time, money, or energy that your precious kids in strollers do. If dogs bother you so much, maybe consider living somewhere less dog-friendly.

            • Ajpwner says:

              But kids don’t literally poop and piss on sidewalks for you to step in………..

            • Scrat Mandoo says:


              Why are you taking this so personally and getting defensive? People are just saying it would be better to have dogs pee near the road instead of near the buildings, where the sidewalks are highest.

              Not a single person mentioned hating dogs, and it wasn’t even implied in any of the messages. Please try to take the message for what it is, and not as an attack designed to stoke your emotions.

            • Js says:

              Leaving out strollers for the moment, hopefully we can all agree that Rachel makes an important point about wheelchairs.
              Also when dogs urinate against buildings it is not necessarily easily visible but it does do damage and building maintenance may not be aware in order to hose down

            • EricaC says:

              Julie – I love my dogs, and I must admit that they took a long, long time to train not to pee unexpectedly (which also involved training me to be careful about their schedule). I couldn’t prevent them from peeing on the sidewalk altogether, but until they learned, we made sure to walk them at the very edge so that we could get them off the curb (assuming there was a safe place for them), or at the very least, away from buildings and where people were walking. I have admitted to other sins in other comments, but I recommend that you consider this approach to avoid your dog peeing right where people are walking. It really is gross to walk through a puddle of urine (or pile of poop), and people shouldn’t have to be spending their time looking out for nasty substances during their walk.

            • Julia says:

              Respectfully, do you acknowledge that this is inherently a forum for nasty and vicious voices? How about YOU leave wheelchairs out of this, as I assume you are just attempting ornery.

              Dogs are by far quieter than the majority of WSR commenters.
              For as long as righteous people will bring up nuisances impacting their Uppababies, I’ll continue to defend people just trying to walk their dogs.

            • Julia says:

              I’m only being facetious.
              Gosh. *rolls eyes*
              Ok I’m done.
              Continue your important discussion.

      • EricaC says:

        Fascist? Really? I have dogs, I have no issue picking up poop (suitably protected, of course), I have real issues with people who do not, and I have no issue with a sign reminding people of what the law is.

        What I do hate are those passive aggressive “Good neighbors curb their dogs”. Not because they are wrong, but because they are passive-aggressive. (It always makes me want to make my dog pee on the sign, but of course I do not.)

        But it shouldn’t take a law to make people do the right thing – and for those who can’t remember something so basic for themselves, a sign is hardly fascistic.

    6. Cato says:

      Threatening fines is meaningless. Actually imposing those fines on thoughtless individuals would have an effect.

      The most meaningful statistic here would be the number of fines actually levied by the NYPD on the Upper West Side in the past year. I’ll bet the number is negligible — which is why The Entitled will continue to walk away from Poopsie’s droppings with impunity.

    7. Anthony says:

      Why bother? These self centered people don’t care and there’s no one to enforce the law anyway. Hang all the signs you want but UWS streets are covered in dog crap and it won’t soon change.

    8. Sandra Gleich says:

      This will not help until and unless NYC puts some teeth in the regulation. Meanwhile:


      • Ruth says:

        I remember long ago when we UWS community residents had meetings (PS 199 and other local public facilities), concerning this problem.
        . We advocated for the pooper scooper law… .
        It’s a law….same as any law….follow it for the benefit of neighbors and friends.
        the poster might be an excellent reminder to those not understanding the issues involved…
        whatever helps should be available to remind and teach.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        that’s a good ad campaign slogan.

        • Ken says:

          Exactly, and it’s precisely why I always do pick up my dog’s shit. She’s only leaving it there, because I’ve led her there. She’s my responsibility and her shit is therefore my responsibility as well.
          Let’s call shit, uh, shit.

    9. Mark says:

      Hmm, I walk a lot around the neighborhood but haven’t noticed an increase in uncollected poop. Guess I’m lucky.
      But given how overly dramatic some of these responses are I wonder if people are over reporting.

    10. B.B. says:

      It isn’t just the poop. But many dog owners in the city seem to have a very entitled attitude. How often do you see dogs in supermarkets, grocery stores, any place that sells food despite signs posted it is against NYC health laws.

      Back on topic; what always gets me are those who live in luxury or whatever doorman buildings who walk Fido down the block to the “low rent part” (brownstones or other low rise buildings), to do his business, and fail to clean up afterwards. Superintendents of these buildings have enough on their plate without having to hose/scrub down sidewalk several times a day or face getting a DSNY summons for the dog poop.

      Or better yet the worse are those who either direct, lead or place Fido in tree beds to do his thing. This even when buildings or block associations spend money yearly for plantings/flowers.

      NYC has spent good sums over the past decade or so putting in new tree beds to make the city more livable. Dog owners treat these beds as toilets for their pooch. You point out the “please curb your dog signs” and get either nasty stares/remarks or “he’s used to the country and won’t go on concrete”.

      • EricaC says:

        Unfortunately, it is actually true – if a dog is imprinted to go on dirt, they will often just not go on concrete. I also think there is a difference between a tree bed with plantings or where anyone is attempting to keep it nice (i.e., where hands are going to have to go), versus those that are left alone. It does not seem to hurt the big trees – though I am taking the warnings seriously – and it would be nice if one tree bed could be left for the dogs on each block.

        Letting dogs pee on buildings, on bike racks, on gardens on garbage bags and garbage cans that have to be picked up, and on other things that people need to touch is disgusting. Leaving waste behind is disgusting. You shouldn’t need a law to enforce not doing those things. But leaving a place where dogs who really can’t go on concrete can go would be very kind.

        • B.B. says:

          Am sorry but yes, dogs using tree beds of any sort as a toilet does cause harm.

          First they trample any plantings.

          Two, where one dog goes others follow, soon the ground is compacted to the point where nothing will grow easily if at all.

          Three, dog urine after repeated and frequent spraying will “burn” the base or whatever area of a tree. Just look at the bottom of some for evidence of this, in fact you can see the same thing with fire hydrants, poles, concrete, and anything else subject to said abuse.

          Finally the high concentration of dog urine from repeated use of the bed as a toilet contaminates the soil to point nothing will grow. The tree itself *might* be ok as its root system likely goes beyond the actual bed. However usually after awhile you are left with a tree bed that is compacted to the point water pools on surface instead of seeping down.

          Grew up in the suburbs and there is a reason why homeowners or anyone else trying to grow and maintain a nice lawn wants dogs off. Otherwise you get brown patches from the urine where nothing will grow.

      • Zee says:

        I fully agree with the comments made regarding dog owners using our plants and trees as their dog’s private bathroom.

        Our super takes such care of our tree beds and flowers to make our building look nice. Dog owners treat these beds as toilets for their dogs. If you say anything or remind them that these are living things, they don’t care. What ever happened to the “curb your dog” rule?

        It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owners.

    11. ls says:

      Have noticed an increase in dog poop over the last few years.

      Ironic that as the area has become more expensive and there are more affluent residents, there is also more dog poop…

      • Cato says:

        That’s because every one of those affluent apartment dwellers needs to have this year’s cliched designer-purebred dog as an accoutrement. Heck, I’ve wondered whether the developers or architects or designers are including the French Bulldog (the past year’s cliche’) as a design item.

        It’s like a Mercedes/BMW/Audi SUV — the wealthy who have taken over our neighborhood wouldn’t be *seen* without their Very Expensive Doggie.

        And of course *They* are not covered by the Pooper Scooper Law, or by any sense of civic obligation to other residents. Their wealth excuses them from all of that poor-people stuff.

        So watch out for Fido’s poopies!

      • B.B. says:

        Two are related.

        Ever since NYC, in particular Manhattan was cleaned up and made safe for suburban families to live in again, they have brought with and imposed those same values on city living. Hence all these families with 2.5 children and dog or dogs.

        Next there is the growing “need” or whatever of persons who feel they *must* have a dog. This in lieu of a spouse and or children perhaps. This has fed into another phenomenon where dog owners feel they must be allowed to take “baby” wherever they go. Restaurants, sidewalk cafes, grocery shopping….

        Personally know several persons who are no more ill than a molting canary but have service tags for their dogs. This so they can get around and or force their apartment building to allow a pet even when otherwise prohibited. It also means they can take “baby” on board airplanes an into other spaces where they aren’t normally allowed.

        For market rate apartments and or co-ops or condos pets (especially dogs) are the new amenity. People are simply demanding a building allow Fido or they won’t buy/rent. While certain white glove buildings might get away with standing firm, others don’t have that luxury.

    12. Julia says:

      Whoever made this sign had too much time on their hands.
      Whoever left their dog poop on the street has too little time to truly own a dog.
      We have garbage, strewn trash, and human feces on our sidewalks. What is the real issue?

    13. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      The city should hire people to clean the sidewalks. The amount of dog excrement and urine on the sidewalks here is unbelievable. The worst is when someone obviously stepped in it and tracked it down the sidewalk.

    14. drrochira says:

      For the most part, most dog owners do pick up after their dogs. Would be nicee if they received a thanks for doing so? Dog owners must also put up with the toxic salt that is thrown on side-walks in winter that burns dogs’ feet (and is actually another cause of side-walk trees and plants not growing well). We’re doing a good job in this city of coexisting – don’t ruin it with petty, threatening signs.

      • Mark says:

        Petty, threatening signs are the result of petty, threatening people of which there is no shortage.
        It’s amazing how threads about dogs bring about the pearl clutchers among us.

      • GG says:

        Wow, could you be any more tone deaf than this?? No Thank You’s??? hahaha That is rich.

        Are you getting your feelings hurt by people not thanking you for following the law and not doing a vile and disgusting act. I could and would say more but I don’t want to offend your obviously delicate sensibilities.

        By the way, your dogs aren’t more important than the health and safety of PEOPLE!!!! can’t believe I had to actually say that but here we are.

        • EricaC says:

          I agree that this is tone deaf, and no one should need to be thanked for NOT leaving poop on the ground.

          But you have missed a point as well – the salt that is put down is unnecessarily poisonous and damaging to dogs (and it is also damaging to plant beds, and to the environment (through runoff)). Whether for dogs, or for human health, or for the gardens, or for the environment more generally, it would be good if buildings used the safer salts.

          If you are worried about trees and the environment, you should be at least as concerned about this as about dogs pooping in the tree beds.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        Just curious…why would you be threatened by these signs?? I don’t understand.

        I guess I understand the “petty” part of the complaint assuming that you don’t have an issue with the disgusting dog poop all over the neighborhood.

        But the “threatening” part doesn’t make sense to me….unless you are actually guilty of leaving dog poop on the street I don’t see why you be “threatened”.

    15. Jen says:

      I am a dog owner and the sign does not offend me. People that do not pick up after their dog or do not have their dog on a leash anger me just as much as those of you that do not have a dog. I actually put a bag under my dog’s butt while he is going to try and avoid his poop hitting the sidewalk at all. I cross the street when I see an unleashed dog because my dog does not get along with all dogs and I do not trust that the unleashed dog will not approach my dog even if I tell there owner my dog is not dog friendly. I try to be a responsible pet owner, but what bothers me is that several times I have been yelled at by people for not curbing my dog when I am walking him. He has already done his business and we were just enjoying a walk. I could see if he was peeing or pooping in the middle of the sidewalk at the time I am being yelled at, but he wasn’t. I just don’t feel like I should have to take the brunt of people’s anger towards the dog situation when I don’t think I have done anything wrong.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        Well, I would like to thank you for trying to be as courteous as possible and I am also sorry that you, as a responsible dog owner, got yelled at by someone. You are obviously not the intended audience for these signs. It’s such a shame how a few bad apples can really ruin things sometimes.

        Come on people, let’s not let these issues cause unnecessary conflicts. We are all neighbors after all.

        Let’s all err on the side of being courteous and kind to each other. Life in the big city is hard enough, right?:)

      • Ajpwner says:

        Sounds like it happens more than once for you so yea you deserve that ridicule. Piss in the middle of the sidewalk is kinda ridiculous. You’re ruining other people “enjoying walks” think about it. You’ve got a “too bad it already happened” attitude. That’s the wrong attitude and why these signs are even needed.

        • Jen says:

          Sorry if it wasn’t clear, but I curb my dog. I tell him ‘to the curb’ and he goes to the edge of the sidewalk to do his business. And I agree that ‘piss in the middle of the sidewalk’ is disgusting and if you see someone letting their dog do that, you can remind them of the law. But it is unfair to yell at every person walking a dog because you assume they allow their animal to go in the middle of the sidewalk when you actually hadn’t seen them do it.

    16. DB says:

      Laws don’t matter if they are not enforced. End of the story.

    17. Ihatepoop says:

      Lets make dog licensing / registration mandatory with a stiff fine for non compliance. Dogs must wear a tag to immediately show they are registered.

      License requires a DNA test kept on file.

      Then contract with a testing company who will send out inspectors to collect and DNA test Dog Poop and send tickets to offending dog owners. (Maybe a pest exterminator company or would do it?)

      Company will generate revenue through aggressive enforcement. Dog owners will pick up. Streets will be cleaner.

      • Cat says:

        Surprised to see more than one person mention that it should be mandatory to have annual dog licensing. When has it never NOT been mandatory in NYC?

        “Dogs living in the City must have a license from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Licenses must be renewed annually.

        In addition to being licensed, guard and service dogs must be registered. You must report losses, thefts, and transfers of ownership of a guard dog within five days. Guard dogs must wear both a dog license tag and a guard dog tag issued by the City on their collar at all times.”

      • UWS_lifer says:

        I read about gated communities and condos doing this down in Florida with great success. You either get increased revenue or a clean environment or both. Sounds good to me.

        I would support this idea 100%. People have to be held responsible for this behavior. It is unhealthy and unsafe…not to mention just gross! YUCK!

        Who would complain about this?? I mean, if you are not letting your dog do this what is the problem??

        Can someone tell me the argument against this? I am genuinely interested.

        • Jay says:

          It will never be enforced. That’s the problem. Think of all the laws that aren’t enforced already. This would be even less of a priority. I can also guarantee you that the people who don’t pick up after their pet are also the ones who don’t license their dog.

      • Scrat Mandoo says:

        This is an amazing idea. All new dog registrations should include DNA testing, and poo left on streets should be tested. First offenses should cost $250 plus the cost of testing, second offenses should cost $1000 plus cost of testing, and all additional offenses should cost $10,000 plus the cost of testing. Let’s get the city to enact this soon!!!

    18. S says:

      Haters gonna hate.

    19. Sam says:

      What if you guys put all this energy into something that actually affects us
      ie current president.. climate change..

    20. UWSHebrew says:

      Most of you dog people have serious personality problems. The worst is when a big dog lunges at me “DON’T WORRY HE’S FRIENDLY!”. I’ll show you friendly. Don’t get me started on the ex-cons walking pitbulls or rottweilers.

    21. lisa says:

      I’m putting on my flak jacket before I post this comment, but here goes. I actually had a different reaction to these signs. With all the graphic designers on the Upper West Side, couldn’t we have gotten a better looking sign? Message is fine with me, but these signs look kinda cheesy. Also not to get super bureaucratic, but doesn’t the NYC Design Commission have to approve signage in public space?

    22. Nancy says:

      I volunteer in Central Park as a gardener. We rake, dig, plant, weed etc. Rarely do I find poop when we are working. Most NYC dog owners are picking up their poop. Period. Those that don’t are disgusting and lazy. I get it. I have picked up other dogs poop countless times. Most of the time I observe the owner is on the phone and not paying attention. They keep walking and pay no mind. If you visit any European countries,France for
      example, dogs are everywhere. They are in shops, restaurants and markets. Dogs are a fact of life. I’m sorry a small percentage of lazy dog owners are getting so many people so upset. I live in a fancy building and I can tell you that dogs pee on it all the time. It just is what it is. Put your phone down and watch where you are
      walking. And always call out someone if you see they are ignoring their dog’s poop.

    23. west side walking says:

      THANKS to those dog walkers who DO the right thing about their poop. In my building some walkers think it’s okay to throw the poop into the trash cans in front of a low rise building. The tenant of the building is then “surprised” to open the can (or worse still, on the top of can), and find poop where the garbage should be. Yes, enforcement might help. Also what happened to “pooper scoopers?”

    24. Joanie says:

      The hostility toward pit bull owners and owners of pure bred dogs is just sad and really off point. People love their dogs – for many it is as if they are children – that is a choice many happily make. People needn’t be judged for that. Go to France and dogs are everywhere including cafes and restaurants. They are for the most part loving sentient beings. Of course people should pick up waste – to leave it is disgusting and lazy. The signs are ugly, but a needed reminder of late. People who don’t have a dog might lighten up as they are here to stay.

      • GG says:

        No, YOU go to France! I think I’ll stay right here in NYC.

        You know, the United States of America?

        Since when is, “well they do it in Europe” a good argument for anything?? They do a lot of stuff over there we don’t approve of or emulate…you know, like Inquisitions and Holocausts.

    25. Dots says:

      I feel that dogs are family and the majority of us dog owners do the right thing when it comes to picking up after our pets. We want to live in a clean environment too. Rarely do I catch someone not picking up after their dog and I offer them a poop bag that I have in my pocket even if I don’t have our dog with me. It does anger me when people allow their dogs to do their business on trees and tree beds. Dogs can be trained to go in the street or at least on something that will not be damaged.

    26. Maryjane says:

      the new thing is walking the dog(any size) on the subway….always thought SMALL dogs had to be contained in a carrier…not anymore…welcome to the NWO

    27. Lorraine Bege says:

      We have a “dog poop” street. It is wider than most and leads right to the Monument. (in the 80’s but will refrain from giving an exact street) We thanked Koch for years for the pooper scooper law. But what can you do about selfish people? One morning I came out of my apt, to find someone with their dog defecating right in front of my building!!! I mean the stairs that lead to the door, She saw me observing them =–didn’t even have an apology which would have been
      ridiculous anyway.

    28. Mark says:

      It’s pretty clear that some of the angry people responding here would benefit from the unconditional love of a cuddly dog.

    29. Roger Bilco says:

      I have a dog and I clean up after her and I rarely see poop on the sidewalk in the low 90’s. I have, however, seen more than a few homeless dropping a deuce on the sidewalk, so it’s not all dogs here.

    30. Gail Ettinger says:

      Yes, please. Our building is on a corner, so 3 signs would be great. Thank you. It seems there’s a new dog on or near West End Avenue in the last several weeks. This dog – seems to be a large dog – has been leaving poop all over West End Ave.

    31. Asher says:

      I agree that there is a large problem on the uws with dog feces. These are very irresponsible owners and I do not understand why it is so difficult to clean up after your dog. I have a dog and clean up after her every single time, even twice in one walk. I live in this community and certainly believe in cleanliness of home and community. I think it is disgusting when people do not clean up after themselves. I wish the city would fine those who do not clean up after their pets and those who litter. I have a problem with dog feces on my block as well as seeing soda bottles, empty chip bags, etc. Why are there such gross people out there?! Get it together and be clean.

    32. Paul says:

      I don’t see how those retractable dog leashes are legal.

    33. TomTom says:

      There are too many dogs living in tiny apartments in this city. Practically animal cruelty

    34. Leslie Rupert says:

      We need signs that say Tree Beds are NOT Doggie Potties. Every tree should have one.

    35. William Raudenbush says:

      I am very serious about calling people out for not picking up. I’m a dog owner, and I think the 70+ comments here show quite clearly we need to step up our efforts to be excellent dog ambassadors. We have it pretty good here compared to most cities, and are well accomidated. I try to return the favor of the parkland we get to have for our run by being as good a stuard and citizen as I can possibly be in relation to our vollective shared public space. We hear you and we’ll step up our calls to fellow dog owners to do a better job.

      PS, my dog’s name is Charlie Meatball and he’s a great New Yorker and neighbor!