Lots of new coffee and other treats in this edition of Upper West Side openings and closings.

Filicori Zecchini coffee shop is opening back up at 95th Street and Broadway after a series of sudden and bizarre changes. The store was renamed Espresso Matto in June, then suddenly closed and announced a bankruptcy auction in the past few weeks. But a few days ago, the space was renovated once again and a new sign is up pledging that Filicori is back with the original management. Thanks to Kurt and Ernie for photos.

Gastronomia Culnaria at 53 West 106th Street, whose Rome-born chef cooked “some of the best [pasta] the city has to offer,” according to Michelin, closed last month. It had opened in 2012. Thanks to Ruth for the tip. Update, 12/29: The owner says the restaurant is open, but has not explained why the website said it was closed.


Lokal Mediterranean Kitchen is opening in the former home of Bistro Citron at 473 Columbus Avenue (83rd Street). They promise a “large variety of vegetarian, seafood, chicken and meat entrees,” as well as brunch and lunch specials. Thanks to Kevin for the photo.


A new hotpot restaurant is set to open at 1000 Columbus Avenue between 109th and 110th Street, according to Buildzoom, which tracks building permits. The name of the restaurant is not clear. It appears to be one of the spaces shown above.

Gracious Home has filed for bankruptcy. Its 67th Street location closed last week.

B. Cafe, the Belgian restaurant at 566 Amsterdam Avenue between 87th and 88th, is expecting to close soon, according to employees. An employee also told us that the restaurant apparently won’t be moving into the old Saigon Grill/Key Food space on 90th and Amsterdam, as we had previously expected. It’s not clear when the restaurant will close and if they have found another new home in the neighborhood.

Parliament Espresso & Coffee Bar is open inside the New-York Historical Society on 77th and Central Park West, according to the Columbus Avenue BID. “Parliament takes coffee-based drinks seriously, sourcing its beans from Nicaragua, Brazil and Sumatra, for rich, dynamic flavors. The espresso bar also offers a range of house-made pastries in the morning and salads and sandwiches in the afternoon.” Museum admission is not required to visit the coffee bar.


Zucker’s Bagels will open at 273 Columbus Avenue between 72nd and 73rd Streets this coming Thursday. The owners have carefully renovated the 1888 building, restoring the tin ceiling and cast-iron facade, and added some new touches, like a gold-leaf mural installation. Hand-rolled and kettle-boiled bagels, smoked fish, and a special “Everything Salmon” covering the salmon with everything bagel topping. Photo by Liz Clayman.

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    1. Erica says:

      Bummer about B Cafe!

    2. maryjane says:

      great news about more coffee spots…people were running out of places to sit and stare at their phones/laptops

      • UWS_lifer says:

        oh are we complaining about coffee places now??? I didn’t get the memo.

        Welcome to the UWS…everything is awful, and there’s not nearly enough of it…

        • Aunt Vaudy says:

          And such small portions!

          • Not Myron Cohen says:

            This is the punchline to a great joke that not everyone may have heard: Two old Jews (I tell it about Jews, but you can adapt it to whatever other group you want if you think it fits) are complaining about a restaurant: “The food is like poison,” says one. The other replies, “it’s terrible; I wouldn’t feed it to a dog. And such small portions!”

    3. Ellen Kozlowski says:

      Oh no — B Cafe to close? It’s among the best of the best the UWS offers! I hope this is a false rumor…

    4. Casey says:

      Oh NO!!! Please don’t go B Cafe!!

    5. Sherman says:

      Zucker’s is a great bagel place. I eat at their TriBeCa location on a regular basis.

      I’m so glad one is opening in the hood.

    6. AnDee says:

      For me, saddest closing on the list is Gastronomia Culinaria – really was wonderful food; come eravamo in Italia. Helas.

    7. Nathan says:

      B Cafe has some of the best brunch on the UWS. I’ll definitely miss it.

    8. Catherine Friedman says:

      We made a reservation at Gastronomia last Thursday for the next day. We spoke to a live person who raved about their new menu. When we got there on Friday the restaurant was totally gone. Any ideas what’s going on?

    9. Jo Ann Aaronson says:

      B Cafe don’t go!

    10. Kenneth says:

      Filicori Zecchini – Sell high, buy back low?

    11. SS Leeds says:

      Gastronomia Culinaria is NOT closed – the chef is doing special tasting dinners.

      • Catherine says:

        But where? How do you contact them? After Thursday they never answered the phone and NOW their web site says closed

        • Laura says:

          Yes, please share any info on Gastronomia Culinaria!!

          • KJ says:

            It’s too bad, that place was great. I walked by last night and it was closed. They have a sign in the window that’s says “Private Parties Only” and the phone number. Maybe they will reopen with a new concept and menu?

    12. Bob says:

      well, that looks like a depressing bec on a bagel right there. i’ll still have to drop in for a try of something though 🙂

    13. yoyomama says:

      Just walked by Zucker’s and noticed that it charges $4.50 for a bagel and small coffee. That is one HELL of a markup for a dumb little bagel joint. And it’s not like you’re paying for ambiance. They only have 3-4 places to sit (if the stroller brigade doesn’t monopolize them).

      You can get the same thing at a bodega 2 blocks away for $1.85.