Photo by Miss Gracie Macy in Riverside Park.

November 14, 2016 Weather: Cloudy, with a high of 62 degrees.

Book sales at St. Agnes library and Goddard Riverside and many more local events are on our calendar.

Councilmember Mark Levine is hosting a community conversation on Tuesday about the impacts of the election.

Central Park runners want better lighting in the park, as they remain nervous after attacks a few weeks ago. “On Sunday, dozens of runners wore glowing lights to illuminate their cause. Alison Desir believes that everyone has a right to feel safe in Central Park. She rallied the community around her cause in a 5K run on Sunday to light up the night.”

An FDNY captain who works at Engine 74 on the UWS pulled a man from a burning car in Georgia during his vacation. “Ciro Napolitano, 55, a 30-year FDNY veteran, and his wife Antonieta, 56, were driving north through the Peach State in the left lane on Interstate 95 Tuesday when they found themselves behind a horrific car crash with first responders yet to arrive at the scene, they said.”

The Brewster, at 21 West 86th Street, has been sold. “David Bistricer’s Clipper Equity picked up the Brewster – a 155-unit multifamily building on the Upper West Side – for $172.5 million, nearly twice the price the seller paid four years ago…The property had 38 rent-stabilized units when Barings purchased it, and now has 36, city Department of Finance records show.”

Students at Mott Hall II on 109th Street, one of the city’s most diverse middle schools, have some ideas about why the media failed in the most recent election, and some ideas on how to make it better. They’ve also started a school newspaper,

The Daily News came out in favor of the UWS rezoning plan, as long as it’s tweaked a little. “We don’t belittle parents who are protective of their children — but there’s a better way that works for all.”

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    1. Sherman says:

      Whatever wonderful things The Daily News says about the school rezoning plan is irrelevant.

      The overwhelming majority of PS199 parents are emphatically against it.

      PS199 parents are being punished for working hard, paying taxes, raising their kids properly and working hard to create a great school.

      PS199 will inevitably go down the toilet and PS199 parents will either send their kids to private school or leave the city altogether.

      I wonder if The Daily News will write a new editorial retracting their endorsement of the school rezoning plan.

      • Jen says:

        Daily News cheer editorial didn’t make any sense. So PS 191 catering to Amsterdam Houses is plagued with absenteeism as one of the problems. How does moving some of the chronically absent students to PS 199 resolve the problem? Isn’t it a responsibility of the teachers and the parents? Using the rezoning/desegregation logic, it is putting this responsibilities on someone else’s parents. Granted, some parents can’t do the best things for their children’s as it is very apparent in PS 199 case, but why it becomes a responsibility of other parents and not the school? PS 191 couldn’t make them attend the school but PS 199 would? This is nothing but trying to hide poor test and attendance scores by diluting them worth good scores from other kids.

        DOE and schools should take responsibility, not to push it onto somebody else.

    2. UWS_lifer says:

      Ok Ok, we get it already with the school rezoning plan. 199, 191, 452,!!!! whatever!!!

      Not that many people really care about this and I really think that we have heard all of their opinions about it already. Trust me, we all know where everyone stands on it.

      But by all means, let’s have another 80 comments about it. Now that the election is over we all have plenty of time to bicker, right?

    3. west side walking says:

      We could use better lighting throughout the Upper west Side. It’s so dark after 5:00, and many sidewalks are dark and the lights both on the street and on apartment buildings make the walking difficult, especially for those who are older and frailer.

      • Cjberk says:

        Yes! It’s so dark I fell near 72nd & Bway and split my lip and broke a few teeth. It was only around 7:30….it must be the dimmer street lights…have they changed to LED? My cart caught in the broken sidewalk and I fell on my face in front of the nail place. Luckily a nice guy helped me home…..I’m still upset 3 weeks later. So does anyone know what was changed with the lights? Thanks. Between Trump and my fall and the death of Leonard Cohen – it’s a terrible time.

        • Filatura says:

          Is the problem the dimness of the “yellow lights” or the direction? On West 86th St, which has relatively wide sidewalks, the lamps face into the street so that the parked cars and the traffic are nicely illuminated while the sidewalks are dangerous pools of darkness, lit only sporadically by the lights from building lobbies.

          Can’t the heads of the street lamps be turned so that some of the light is shared with pedestrians?

          • Stephen O’Kane says:

            What’s a pedestrian in America, get back in your car! 😉

            But seriously, that’s a fine point, streetlights should primarily light up the pavement/sidewalk rather than the road.

            On another note, it sounds like a larger issue with the state of the sidewalks in the city, and they could do with some proper fixing. Not the awful patch jobs they usually do. Or worse, I some times see them fixing parts of the side walks which were fine. Waste of cash.

          • Cjberk says:

            That’s a great idea. Light the sidewalk so people can see where they’re walking….or maybe it is the yellow lights. I wonder when they did all this. Most of the time it seems like this city of ours has no sense. We sure do pay a lot of tax….they could afford better or more lighting. Sigh…..