Councilmember Helen Rosenthal gives Captain Levon Holley a proclamation for dedicated service.

By Anthony Ferrara

A community council meeting at the 20th precinct on Monday night delved into homelessness, new bills intended to regulate street vendors, and a shooting last week. The 20th precinct covers the Upper West Side from 59th to 86th Street.

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    1. Claire says:

      Building relationships with the homeless aka moving them out of sight before any more yuppies complain.

      • Yuppie says:

        um – I live on the second floor with homeless people camping out on my block and talking loud in the middle of the night. Am I supposed to not complain?

      • UWS-er2 says:

        I see the same “homeless” in the same spots month after month, the majority all white, young, bearded, healthy-looking males. They all look like they belong to the same cult with some dirty cardboard signs looking for money for a room or “bus” money to get wherever they want to go, some use the animal sympathy ploy with dogs or cats…they should be cleared off the streets and put on those ” busses and ……oh don’t get me started….A TOTAL DISGRACE!!

        • Yuppie says:


          • Sean says:

            They are called Crusties. Google it.

            • js says:

              “Crusties” in many other cities as well – SF, LA, Seattle, Austin

              They tend to go to places with a sizable 20-30 something population as well as access to drugs

              In NYC they have been hanging out in the East Village and Union Square area for years but started coming up to the UWS around 2009 when Trader Joe’s opened

      • Dana says:

        Claire, You are the one who resents the”yuppies”. Please don’t use the homeless in attempt to hide your anger and frustrations.

      • Paul RL says:

        Yeah, the nerve of those Yuppies! Who do they think they are, being all young & urban & professional & stuff!

    2. Margaret says:

      That’s interesting. NYC DOT just published its 2015 data for bicycle pedestrian crashes. There were 10 of them for the year in the 20th Precinct.

      Also, there were 2 bike-bike crashes for the year, and 10 single-bike crashes. So total of 22 bike-involved accidents for the year, with 18 reported injuries and 1 fatality. That fatality was a single bike crash, I think that was the guy who had a heart attack while biking.

      I wonder if the precinct has updated figures for ytd 2016. Maybe they show a big shift. In 2015 when there were 10 bike-pedestrian crashes to respond to, the precinct also responded to almost 2000 car crashes that left 277 people injured and killed 2 pedestrians. Already this year, an unsolved hit-and-run left a 21-year-old dead at Columbus Circle. Am I looking at the same numbers that NYPD is?

      Here’s a link to the city’s 2015 data by precinct for bicycle crashes. http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/bicycle-crash-data-report-2015.pdf

    3. Alexandria says:

      What has happened to the book sellers between 72nd and 74th Streets on Broadway? Are they gone for good?

    4. UWS_lifer says:

      DeBlasio…need i say more?

    5. irene says:

      I’m fascinated by the proclamation for 6 months of dedicated service. What do you get after a whole year of service.

    6. Ben says:

      So the commanding officer is advising pedestrians to expect motorists to violate the right-of-way law? Why isn’t he enforcing the law?

      • Mike says:

        Right: protect yourself because the police will not.

      • Woody says:

        You mean the jaywalking laws?

      • EricaC says:

        I think his point is that you should not bet your life that everything will work the way it should. I remind my kids – people are human, and humans make mistakes. We solid all watch out for ourselves and for each other.

    7. Woody says:

      It’s nice to walk on Broadway and not see the booksellers between 72nd & 73rd. That stretch has been cleaned up again and I hope it stays that way.

    8. Gretchen says:

      Hate to inform everyone that our vacation from Kirk Davidson and his motley crew is officially over. He’s baaaack and badder than ever. And don’t think that it’s only books he sells. When the Christmas tree vendors arrive ever year, Kirk literally extorts money from them to occupy “his” sidewalk space. How do I know this? I ask them every year. I’ve informed the 20th Pct. as well. Hopefully, this year the new CO Holley will put that practice to an end. Forget the Brooklyn Bridge, anybody wanna buy a sidewalk?

      • Cat@lynn says:

        I didn’t know that the ‘ol gang was back, but I was rushing to an appointment earlier today and jumped out of a cab that was stuck in traffic on B’way btwn 72 & 73 and someone started screaming and cursing at me before even I noticed the tables blocking the sidewalk. So is there literally nothing that neighborhood can do about this other than the random police roundup?