Photo of the Teddy Roosevelt statue by Owen P.

October 24, 2016 Weather: Mostly Sunny, with a high of 59 degrees.

A “Celebrate Mexico” concert on Thursday and many more local events are on our calendar.

Insomnia Cookies is celebrating its 100th location by giving away free cookies on Monday with any purchase.

The Schwab Mansion at 323 West 74th Street cut its asking price by $5 million to $14.995 million (for those of us who always type in “less than $15 million” when we search for real estate). “Designed by the famous architect C.P.H. Gilbert, this 11,500-square-foot, six-story abode was occupied by moneyman and steel magnate Charles Schwab between 1914 and 1917. After that, it became the “scandalous love nest” for the mistress of industrialist George Gould.”

Can Tavern on the Green reclaim its historic luster? A coming negotiation with its union will be a serious test. “The struggle ahead could raise Tavern’s operating costs by 30 percent, experts say, as well as make it harder for managers to make the minute-by-minute decisions necessary in a high-volume restaurant. The challenge is so daunting that, as The Post reported, operators David Salama and Jim Caiola have tapped high-powered lobbyist Suri Kasirer to help.”

A disturbing crime on the 1 train last week: “A 53-year-old man was stabbed after exposing himself to a homeless man on a subway overnight Thursday.”

Read a heartbreaking essay by the father of the two-year-old killed by a piece of falling facade at the Esplanade.

A local woman — Bella-Yury Krementsova, 58 — was killed by an MTA bus downtown.
A high school kid from 84th Street is a serious Central Park birder. “Kai logs a morning and afternoon bird count by simply walking across Central Park, to and from school, regardless of the weather. His fascination with birds began in infancy and continued, to the amusement of his parents, both nonbirders.”

Central Park’s “Rat Rock” has been a great climbing spot for generations of New York kids.

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    1. manhattan mark says:

      What is the data on the Schwab Mansion that occupied the
      the square block from 73rd to 74th street and RSD to WEA.
      When was it built and how long was it occupied?

    2. Cat@lynn says:

      So many depressing headlines but the story about Kai Victor (the birder) is amazing! If only every teen in this area had an obsession with something positive and productive, as opposed to destructive, the UWS would be safer place for teens, and everyone else for that matter.

    3. Mark says:

      The Schwab Mansion was demolished in 1948 to make way for the massive apartment building (now known as “Schwab House”).

      The story of the prior mansion (architect was actually Maurice Hebert) and its owner can be found at:

    4. Paris Wyom says:

      Click on the below link about the huge Schwab mansion, not that small but great looking (inside) townhouse on 74 St. It was completed in 1906. The apartment building that replaced that mansion is about 68 years old.

    5. Caro says:

      Where is Rat Rock?