A new vitamin shop is opening soon, and there have been several local closings.

A vitamin shop called Full Life is opening in the former home of children’s clothing store Wyatt Lily at 290 Columbus between 73rd and 74th Streets. Thanks to Barbara Adler for the photo.

Bright Horizons preschool and early childhood care center is opening at 253 West 72nd Street, the home of Duane Reade, in the spring. Bright Horizons “will occupy 7,667 square feet on the ground floor and 2,000 square feet in the basement,” a release from broker Winick Realty Group said.


Taco Grill, a Mexican restaurant at 146 West 72nd Street, has closed after failing a health inspection last month. Thanks to Brad for the tip and photo.


Women’s clothing boutique Mint at 448 Columbus Avenue (between 81st and 82nd) has closed. Thanks to Eugenia and Lauren for the tips.

Falene Day Spa at 235 West 75th Street, has closed its doors, Sandra tells us.  She said the owner cited issues with the ongoing construction in the building. Its website says it had been open on the UWS since 1981. Update: we hear one of the estheticians named Sia is now at another UWS spa called DLK Day Spa at 168 W 86th St (Between Amsterdam and Columbus) 212 580-1622.


The Shade Store at 313 Columbus Avenue is expanding into the adjacent space, a former Pinkberry. Thanks to Brad for the tip and photo.

Phoenix Roze , a jewelry store, has opened at 228 Columbus Ave between 70th and 71st Streets. Thanks to Lauren for the tip.

And we are also gathering intel on a rumor: local doormen are now saying Bed, Bath & Beyond may take over the old Food Emporium on 90th and Broadway. We’ve reached out to the company for confirmation.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      If they build condos then Bed, Bath & Beyond will follow.

      Do you take that as confirm of the rumor?

      • Jerry says:

        Do we really need another Bed Bath & Beyond when there’s a perfectly good one on Broadway in the low 60’s across from Lincoln Center? Or do some people not travel south of 72 Street (I once worked with someone who lived in the Village but never went north of 14 St except to go to the office on 41 St, which he referred to as “uptown”)? Remember the Barnes & Noble that failed in the current Century 21 space? Remember when there were 3 Gap stores on Broadway between Columbus Circle and 96 St, which has been whittled down to just one location? Over saturation can be too much of a good thing…

    2. Paul RL says:

      I hope the BB&B rumor is true, that will take some of the the pain out of losing Grand Metro Hardware. Keep us posted, WSR!

    3. Sue L says:

      Just what we don’t need–another Big, Bad, and Boring! What the nabe seriously lacks is a decent supermarket!

      • Nathan says:

        We’re spoiled for choice of supermarkets.

        • Johnny says:

          Maybe hyper local issue but living on 86th & Riverside there are supermarkets but they are awful: Gristedes (B-way & 86thst) and Key Food Amsterdam 86th & 85th. Took frail neighbor shopping at Keys Tuesday eve and what a nightmare packed and poor selection and produce awful. This is case because majority of neighborhood is not shopping here, they are eating out, take out, fresh direct or other service, and taking their SUVs to COstco. So becomes issue of income disparity.

          • dannyboy says:


            Why do so many people order food for delivery? Is it because they fear the people outside? Or just want to avoid them?

            • Alison says:

              Sometimes people don’t want to carry numerous heavy bags on their walk home. I didn’t realize it was such a mystery.

            • EricaC says:

              I do it because finding the hours to shop in person is hard, and I find it hard to carry the groceries home. Also, to get the variety that crash direct offers, & would have to go to several stores, because no one store carries it.

              It is funny how FreshDirect (which I love) has become such a dislike company now – when they started, they were a boon to their area because they brought jobs to a neighborhood that sorely needed them. Now, they are big and now they are bad. It is like google – started out as the rebels, now they are big brother.

            • dannyboy says:

              ‘crash’ Direct – our new winner!

              You quickly move out the current reigning Champion. Congratulations!

              Crash Direct – – BEST!

              Bed, Bath & “beyonce” new Runner-up
              Duane Greed – runner, runner-up
              Whole Paycheck – runner, runner, runner-up

      • dannyboy says:

        Big, Bad, and Boring – Bingo!

        runner-ups now include:
        Crash Direct – first runner-up
        Bed, Bath & Beyonce second Runner-up
        Duane Greed – third runner-up
        Whole Paycheck – fourth runner-up

        i think this Competition for this Category is done (see how Competition can be fun, and not necessary so nasty and destructive?

        Now the Competition for those Banks begins…

    4. Paris Wyom says:

      I thought you had reported the closing of the W. 72 St. Taco Grill much earlier. The health inspection document on the store’s window is dated Sept. 19. I used to go to that place at least once a week. Really great tacos for great low prices; much better with prices and food quantity compared to nearby Playa Betty’s.
      As of last week, the company that ran Taco Grill had a related store on 10th Ave., between 57 and 58 St. However, I found out today (10/6) that it is closed for 2 weeks due to renovations. Maybe the owner has decided to terminate his taco business. Taco Grills on 9th Avenue in the 40s and in West 80s were shut down earlier this year.
      The Taco Grill store in the West 80s has been replaced by a Kosher Mexican eatery. Have you reported on that place?

      • UWSEd says:

        New Taco Express, between 56 & 57 on Tenth Ave. Phone message @ 212/977-5919 says “Closed for renovation. Open in one week.” No date on message, so, who knows???

    5. Big Earl says:

      With all the constant closings, who knew selling Shades was the golden ticket on the UWS. Good for them.

      • nycgrl71 says:

        I’m not surprised they can afford it – went in to price shades last year and almost choked. Lowe’s did an amazing job for a fraction of the price.

      • rk says:

        Yeah I was wondering the same thing. I figured most high end interiors were provided through designers from manufacturers. Seems strange that a storefront on a major shopping street could generate that sort of interest.

      • Independent says:

        If The Shade Store succeeds, could one then say that they have it made in the shade?

        (I’m assuming, like most retail spaces, that the interior gets little, if any, direct sunlight. So there’s at least that much.)

    6. smonyc says:

      Not what the neighborhood needs: a bigger Shade Store and a vitamin store. How about family-friendly/affordable food places?! Or places we would actually shop at.

    7. Vince says:

      Does anyone know who is taking over the space at the closed Loehmann’s space on Broadway between 73 and 74th streets? The brokers rental sign was removed recently, and the windows are covered as if the space is undergoing renovations.

    8. CJ Berk says:

      Bright Horizons ..what a waste of major space. Personally, I hope they fail and fail quickly so we can get something our neighborhood actually wants and needs….supermarket, good deli, etc.
      We said it before, a major crosstown block has such retail commercial possibilities; how do we get stuck with a day care center?? An art gallery even a financial center (think Etrade)
      Something creative …the possibilities are unlimited. A destination shop would be frustrating that the uws becomes more and more dull and uninteresting while new neighborhoods like west Chelsea/Highline thrive with intellect and style. Seriously bad
      Break for those of us hoping for eclectic and getting suburban boring and useless.

      • WestEndWendy says:

        I live at 72nd and WEA so vested interest in seeing area thrive. But is it really the great cross-town location that you suggest? IMHO, it’s a retail dead-end: there’s no commercial draw on West End or Riverside to drive foot fall that far from Broadway. In addition, this place is three doors from a bodega, with TJ’s at the end of the block and Fairway and Citarella two blocks away. What makes you think it’s a viable location for a supermarket or specialty food store? Better that it’s occupied immediately than sitting empty for 18 months like Mike’s Bistro… Creative industries of all kinds look for cheap and large spaces, and/or critical mass of similar outfits to benefit from proximity. The UWS can’t offer those any more, however much you yearn for them.

        • Lyri Clark says:

          Hi WestEndWendy: Sadly you may be right. It would seem with all the Buildings on Riverside Blvd. ..the neighborhood would upgrade …but that hasn’t happened (yet?). I keep hoping. Instead we get child care and nail salons. Don’t give up…let’s keep trying. So many interesting people and great buildings you’d think we’d attract better retail. And how does that really dirty candy store manage to still exist? I wouldn’t even buy a newspaper there..shouldn’t the Board of Health close them down?

      • B.B. says:

        Bright Horizons (day care)a waste of space? Really?

        From what one has seen all over Manhattan the borough is baby/child central. Streets and filled with parents of both genders and various sexual preferences with their children. Not everyone can afford a full time nanny. By this mean a high quality person, not just a jumped up baby sitter.

        New York City like much of the United States is woefully lacking in quality day care. More so of affordable versions since this country continues to believe that children are the sole and exclusive responsibility of their parent or parents. In France excellent day care is everywhere and better yet totally free.

        • No patience says:

          Hmmm…perhaps you’re living in the wrong city B.B.
          Free child care? Why? You have a child, that’s your responsibility not mine, not NYC, not US.sounds like France is the place for you. Many of us prefer co-ops that do not allow children…less noise etc. Each to his own you know…but free child care is just absurd. Why would we want to pay taxes to care for someone else’s child???

        • Independent says:

          Concerning daycare, I’d rather see us return to conditions in which there would be little need or demand for it. Specifically, a society in which most women would stay home to personally raise their children. This would require great changes in both the economy as well as the culture.

      • LS says:

        On the other hand, some would argue that Chelsea was a really interesting, creative and hip area pre-High Line.

        And that the High Line turned out to be a real estate Trojan horse that in under a decade transformed Chelsea into super luxury housing and chain stores.

        Check out the website Jeremiah’s Vanishing NY for a the Chelsea you’ve missed.

        • B.B. says:

          No need to check out Jeremiah’s wonderful sight, but I do anyway. *LOL*

          Know fully well what has happened to the Meatpacking District/Far West Side. But truth to tell ever since “Sex In The City” put the area on map and other reasons it was changing slowly anyway.

          If Rudy G. had gotten things right and the HL was torn down the result would likely have been the same. Property values would have exploded along Washington Avenue.

          When Westway was sunk and the decision to “reclaim” the Hudson River waterfront, and that took hold it was only a matter of time until the effects reached inland going east.

          • dannyboy says:

            you know that’s a tv show, right.

            The purpose of the High Line and the “the decision to ‘reclaim’ the Hudson River waterfront” was for Development.

            I know you’re not naive; follow the money.

      • Independent says:

        @ CJ Berk:

        what a waste of major space. Personally, I hope they fail and fail quickly so we can get something our neighborhood actually wants and needs

        Yeah! Why can’t we be more like all those characters in Oliver Twist who knew how to deal with the obnoxious little scamps without spending a penny more on them than absolutely necessary? Wasting a choice space on the little brats? Humbug! That only spoils them rotten. Let them be happy with a dark and damp cellar.

        Seriously, the contempt, disdain and even hatred that your comments exhibit for children, their parents who can’t afford private nannies and commercial daycare providers is downright frightening. One can only wonder what accounts for such bile on your part.

        Why don’t you, along with Lyri Clark and “No patience” should try to get an entire child-free zone declared within the UWS?

        An art gallery

        An art gallery that specialized in work that celebrated the magic of childhood and early adolescence would be nice. Especially welcome would be one that focused on the largely lost art of candid captures of such youths in the street photography type genre.

    9. Bonnie Osinski says:

      The old Loehmanns space on Broadway & 73 has taken down the for rent sign and put paper on the windows. Does anyone have info about that?

    10. J says:

      I am really bummed about Falene. I just received a gift certificate for multiple services and now they are closed…….

    11. carol says:

      I thought WSR reported that a Saks Fifth Avenue outlet was going into the Loehmann’s space. Yes? No? Does anyone know what happened to the report that Zucker’s Bagels Shop was going to occupy the former Gotham Foods space on Columbus between 72nd-73rd?

    12. Catherine Friedman says:

      Is that Trader Joe plan to come to Columbus and 90 st still going forward?

      • MDR says:

        I was told by TJ employees at 72nd Street that it will take 2 years before it actually happens. I hope it does not take that long, we lost Food City and that space is still vacant. Every time I walk by the future site of the TJ, I never see any signs about it.

    13. Marci says:

      Personally, I’m not a fan of BB&Beyond, so I’ll be disappointed if that rumor is true of it going into the old FE space. But I guess lots of people would welcome that.

    14. Bob says:

      NOOOOO TACO GRILL, NOOOOO! I didn’t go there a ton but it was cheap/fast. But when you fail health inspections you can’t complain that much…. Damn… what will go there?!??!

    15. Jeff says:

      A few doors down from Taco Grill, I noticed tonight that Amcook (nee Ivy’s) was closed before 8pm (its posted hours say open till 11pm).

      It hasn’t had a bad inspection, and maybe it just had to close early for some reason, but thought I’d mention. Place is always empty so not sure how it’s survived for so long.

      • UWSSharon says:

        Amcook fired Ivy’s chef shortly after they took over 2 years ago. When it was Ivy’s Cafe it was always busy. The take out and party services were bustling! Amcook was always a wasteland. No Sushi chef either, just that woman with the long pony tail working the sushi bar, without a cap!

    16. Selavy says:

      Although I’d rather have another grocery store, if it does become a Bed Bath and Beyond, I hope it is one that has a toiletries section. Their prices for shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc. are consistently $1-$2 less than at CVS.

    17. Sean says:

      The UWS Taco Grill was neither artisanal or highly curated.

      • Jerry says:

        Are you trying to say that if it’s not artisanal or highly curated, not to mention reasonably priced, it doesn’t belong in our neighborhood? There was nothing else around like it. Although it may not have lived up to your lofty taste buds, for fake generic Mexican food prepared by Asian people, it was wonderful. If it is closed for good, then it’s another mom & pop establishment that bites the dust. Although the space is not big enough for a bank or drug store, it is the ideal size for a cell phone accessories store, something we really (don’t) need.

        • Sean says:

          Pretty much. The new UWS is for the Uber rich. The Astor on Broadway is about to launch multi bedroom condos. It’s commercial spaces sold to a single buyer for $104 million and change. The building housing a Verizon store across the street from Zabar’s will be torn down in 3 years for condos. Need I go on?

          • dannyboy says:

            Today I am launching a New Movement, inspired by my fellow-WSRers, called Keep the UWS Safe from the Uber Rich!

            platform to follow
            sign all the petitions

            …before the UberRichies* buy me off.

            *UberRichies is one of many trademark-protected intellectual properties that are traded in dark-pools near you.

    18. Janine Serual says:

      Why does 72nd street seem to struggle to get decent store fronts? I know there is not much tourist traffic west of Columbus but there are apartment buildings filled with upper middle class and upper class families and all around it. You walk along and it’s one dump after another dump. They have some nice places like The Ribbon, Le Pain Qoutidien, CP Taekwondo, Dashing Diva, Juice Generation, Jack Rabbit, Acker Merrall, Grandaisy, Sushi Yasaka…but then the other 90% is filled with nasty, dilapidated stores. The delis are disgusting, the diner on the corner of WEA is shockingly bad and in need of an update, 90% of the nail salons have rats running around…what gives?

      • dannyboy says:


        I have dinner plans there this evening.

        and yes, i will probably pick up fresh oj at “The deli[s] are disgusting” Maybe some ice cream for dessert.

      • Sean says:

        Because for all intensive purposes it has very little traffic foot and vehicle?

      • JS says:

        The diner has been there for years and some consider it to be an authentic neighborhood place (I am assuming that you have moved here recently.)
        My family likes the diner . The diner staff are very nice to kids and the elderly.

        The stores you mention are mostly chains.

        Be careful what you wish for in terms of more “development” as “more” will likely mean more traffic, congestion, crowded bus and subway and more garbage.

        • Independent says:

          “The diner staff are very nice to kids and the elderly.”

          Sadly, based on the comments here, a number of people have no use for children or the elderly.

          • Jane B. says:

            Independent: you have the oddest references and opinions (Oliver Twist?) And women should be housebound with kids OR have a nanny OR get nyc to give them free child care. There IS a middle class here you know. Here’s another alternative: don’t have kids. Or get a babysitter or whatever suits you. The concern is to enhance our neighborhood, encourage commerce and enjoy our surroundings. We all would like useful stores that bring interest to the community. We see it all over the city…the West Village, East Village, Chelsea, East & West 14th St. And on and on. Check it out…maybe you’ll agree …we’re dull and uninspired and it’s depressing
            To relinquish a nice large space to day care.

            • dannyboy says:

              Jabe B says: “Here’s another alternative: don’t have kids. Or get a babysitter or whatever suits you. The concern is to enhance our neighborhood, encourage commerce and enjoy our surroundings. We all would like useful stores that bring interest to the community. We see it all over the city…the West Village, East Village, Chelsea, East & West 14th St. And on and on. Check it out…maybe you’ll agree …we’re dull and uninspired and it’s depressing”

              Jane, why’d you move to a family neighborhood and proceed to advise that we don’t birth children or don’t have child care?

              Why,when you are so enamored by so many other neighborhoods, do you choose to live in one that’s ‘dull and uninspired and it’s depressing’?

              You make it clear that this neighborhood is not a good fit for you. Do something to move yourself along.

    19. Brett Mann says:

      VERY happy bed bath & beyonce might be hitting our ‘hood. coupons that never expire should be the law for every store everywhere.

      • dannyboy says:

        Bed, Bath & “beyonce” – BEST!

        Duane Greed – Runner-up

        Whole Paycheck – Third Place

    20. JYGNYC says:

      I have been a customer at “Falene” (incredibly stupid rebranding of the name by the “new” owner) for close to 20 years, There is NO WAY that I believe that the construction was the cause of her issues. She was cold and rude to longtime customers; was visibly impatient and hostile to her incredibly expert and wonderful staff, and there were always infrastructure issues when I went for the last couple of yearls. She eliminated product lines that we counted on, and it was clear to me she had the staff cutting corners. This was a place that was prized for its expertise and it’s close relationship to its customers. The previous owner was a genuine mensch who treated customers and staff alike with great respect. This is one case where the “neighborhood” clearly was not the issue. I believe this new owner did not know how to manage a business ; it was successful when she took it over and she has run it in to the ground.I am so angry. And I want to know where all my estheticians went!!

    21. Alan Green says:

      Is it true that Lowes is closing the Upper west side location on 68St. I have heard so many people say it.