Gale Brewer and some of The Advocates, teens helping out the community.

By Anthony Ferrara

The 20th precinct (59th to 86th Street) held its monthly community council meeting on Monday night, and reviewed recent crime stats.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      So, if you don’t own a local business or are a victim of domestic abuse, crime in the 20 is DOWN.

      Reading WSR comment, I didn’t get that impression

    2. pmw says:

      They are giving out awards for people who work on homelessness claiming they “have done a great job cleaning up the area”? Is this real? What is wrong with these people? As far as saying crime is up or down- remember the mayor is about to launch his reelection campaign and without Bill Bratton to question it he will make all sorts of claims regarding crime and crime rates. If you read this page you know there are big problems with street homeless/homeless shelter residents and that lots of crime is happening.

      • UWS-er says:

        Ah, yes, if you read random comments by anonymous crackpots, you’ll know that lots of crime is happening. Trust them, not the police.

    3. Bishop says:

      I’ve read in comments here about thefts from pharmacies, etc. that go unreported. The same must be true for newsstands. A friend of mine witnessed such a theft on Broadway in the low 90s over the summer. Just last week as I crossed 66th Street on the west side of Broadway at about 8:45 pm, two young men approaching me broke into a run when the proprietor of the nearby newsstand cried out. I asked if he had been robbed and he said “Yes!” The two had helped themselves to a number of sodas from the refrigeration unit. I suspect such petty thefts go unreported, but the blatant nature of them is worrisome.

    4. Theft Victim says:

      Crime is up in the 24th precinct! Our office was robbed three weeks ago (at noon on a Tuesday) by a guy high on crack who was on a theft-spree. The swift action of the police apprehended this felon and now he is in jail waiting for trial. But let’s face it, the UWS isn’t safe anymore.

    5. Mark says:

      I wonder if any of the usual race-baiting regulars here will comment on the picture of kids of color who are doing positive things for the neighborhood…