The Community Board Health and Humans Services Committee is holding a special discussion about crime, punishment and rehabilitation on Tuesday night. A state Supreme Court judge, a top official from the DA’s office and an official from the Center for Court Innovation are among the guests. Its at Community Board offices on the 2nd floor of 250 West 87th Street.

The 20th precinct community council is also set to hold its monthly meeting on Monday night at 7 at the precinct at 120 West 82nd street.


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    1. dannyboy says:

      Having just now finished reading the Comments on the ROBBERS BEAT AND ROB MAN IN COLUMBUS CIRCLE SUBWAY STATION article, I’m guessing that there will be at least 2 Commenters attending:

      1. Mr.”Shoot to kill both of them.”, and
      2. Mr.”these criminals should be brought to the public square and have their hands cut off.”

    2. dannyboy says:

      Additional Discussion Topics continue to be generated in the ROBBERS BEAT AND ROB MAN IN COLUMBUS CIRCLE SUBWAY STATION comments:

      Is it possible to get a fair trial and justice in a community where members think the accused are:
      1) “Animals lurking in the bowels of the city for unsuspecting citizens.”
      2) “these animals”
      3) “maggots”

    3. pmw says:

      Justiceloolo? The typical bleeding heart liberal only concerned about the poor crimials and their rights. Disgusting. People in the comunity are being robbed, raped and beaten and you have no concern for them at all. The muggers at Columbus circle preened for the cameras and beat their victim with brass knuckles and you are concerned for them? SMH.

      • dannyboy says:

        With all the places that prohibit trials etc, why choose one with our Justice System?

        …unless you’re trying to eliminate it?