Jeff’s cat Cam went missing from 83rd and Amsterdam. Help find her!

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    1. Jeff says:

      Thanks so much for posting this! Please help me find her!

    2. dannyboy says:

      I had a cat go out the window. She was smart and tried her best to get back into the apartment building. Neighbor took her in. Only injury was the result of a catfight with the nice neighbor’s cat.

      • HelenD says:

        Yes, what Dannyboy said! They will eventually try to come back home. What a beautiful cat. Did she have a tag or chip? Good luck to you. 🙂

        • Jeff says:

          Yes, she is micro chipped. No tag. I am sitting here waiting for her, hoping she comes back. Fingers crossed.

          • Laurie Silver says:

            Best of luck for the swift return of your beautiful cat – for your sake and hers. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

    3. Rat A. Tooey says:

      Oh darn!

      Yet another predator to watch out for.

      Now me and my bruvvers has gotta be lookin out every time we goes to pull a garbage can raid !

      Might as well stay down here in da subway.

      Hey, youse fur-less tail-less bipeds: please drop more chikken wings onto da trax.


      R. A. Tooey

    4. Wendy says:

      Please report to Manhattan Animal Care & Control
      In case she’s taken to shelter. They have an App where they post photos of the cats they have taken in.

      • Elizabeth M. says:

        Wendy, not only does ACC take pictures they also scan for microchip.Good Luck! Microchip every body!

        • ScooterStan says:

          Re: “Microchip every body!”

          Ummm, did you mean to place a Microchip on BODIES, like those in the Morgue? No need. The only place they’re going is Hart Island, the NYC Potter’s Field, where the unclaimed, as in the Patsy Cline classic, just fall-to-pieces.

          As for putting a microchip on MY body…NO WAY! It’ll just make it easier for the Black Helicopters to find me…even with my tin-foil hat.

    5. Eln says:

      What a beauty! Glad she’s chipped!! Good luck! Reward is important but these guys are priceless!!!1

    6. KT says:

      My cat has escaped to other floors in the building a few times (and couldn’t find her way back), but the last time she went missing she was hiding under a skirted chair and required medical attention (fortunately now resolved). Check every possible dark place, and best of luck!

      • lynn says:

        My neighbor lost a cat, she thought it went out the back door of the building when the super came in to take out the garbage. I walked up to the top floor for her just to be sure and there he was sitting in front of a door of another apartment on the ‘D’ line. Maybe the cat is still in the building? Good luck!

    7. SB says:

      hope you find this beauty… keep looking . post signs… check every closet, drawer, cabinet.. and then check again… I have posted on my IG page (it’s very cat oriented).

    8. Randi says:

      Yesterday, August 31, I saw signs posted of a CAT FOUND that looks a lot like your beauty. I was up near Columbia around Amsterdam and 113th Street. Check it out.

      • Jeff says:

        Just saw this. Hopped in a cab up to 113 and Amsterdam, I don’t see any found cat signs. If anyone sees this sign please take a pic and txt it to me. Any other tips please call me directly!! 262-find-cam is the number to call or txt

        • Jeff says:

          Went back up to 113th again and posted some of my signs so that hopefully the person that found the cat you mentioned sees it.

    9. Lin says:

      Where was she lost? I do not see anything listed. I hope
      this cute cat is found.

      • lynn says:

        It’s at the top in very small font:

        “Jeff’s cat Cam went missing from 83rd and Amsterdam. Help find her!”

        Also, Jeff, have you tried a service like this?

        We are here to help if you are looking for a lost pet! Our service has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX news several times. Let us help you find your lost pet today!

        Sign up online to get started

        • lynn says:

          I just wanted to add that I’m not associated with the pet amber alert service, I just thought it might be a good idea. A coworker just reminded me that there should be a pet alert and tracking service included with your microchip.

          • dannyboy says:

            and also

            …i was not involved in the formation of the dannyboy Fan Club. Although it can be considered “authorized”.

            Thanks for the shout out, Mark!

          • Jeff Grenier says:

            I have signed up for the HomeAgain service as well as a 7 day ad package from Pawbooster. She is also registered with 24petwatch and I have posted over 400 flyers in the neighborhood so far. Also have postings on the NYC ACC FB page, @puppykittynycty, @littewanderes and @pinballandfriends Instagram pages reaching over 100k followers.

            Again, please call 262-FIND-CAM or email if you have any info. Thank you for your comments.

            • lynn says:

              You’ve definitely done everything you possibly can to locate her. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of cats (in general) going in and out around delis and newspaper stores. Maybe she wandered in to one and no one noticed the extra cat? Not everyone is on the internet, so I hope she’s safe inside and someone will eventually see that you’re looking for her. 🙂

    10. Zulu says:

      Any updates on the kitty? I’m hoping for a happy ending.