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Great tips keep rolling in about openings, closings and expansions in the neighborhood. Sadluy, it’s going to get even harder to find a self-service laundry place.

The Ansonia Laundromat on 74th street just off of Broadway is closing, or at least its laundry machines are being shut down. The laundromat will continue to offer drop-off service. Tipster Gretchen Berger explained the situation below.

“It’s official: the beleaguered Ansonia self-service laundromat located in the Ansonia on W. 74th St. is closing as of June 13th. A notice was just posted today on the door announcing their closure and thanking customers for their patronage, etc. They will, however, provide drop-off service, but this is a lot more expensive. This was the same laundromat that threatened to close over a year ago, but had gotten a reprieve. Back then, there was an intense community effort to save the laundromat, and they got over 200 signatures from patrons in the neighborhood. This time they didn’t even tell the owner till very recently so nobody could do anything in a timely fashion.  As you know, there are so few coin-operated self-service laundromats left in the neighborhood, which appear to be a dying breed probably due to skyrocketing rents. Meanwhile, a lot of people around here are and will be freaking out because many residents have no laundry facilities in their building and now, anywhere nearby. Just imagine having to haul bags of laundry for blocks, especially in winter and in bad weather.”

The notice below was pasted to the door:

Gretchen also tells us that “there appears to be some kind of activity going on in the massive retail space where Loehmann’s used to be [on Broadway between 73rd and 74th]. I saw workmen in there early this morning and some kind of scrim or curtain was put up inside. They also recently removed most of the leasing signs in the windows on Broadway, so maybe the space has finally been leased, but there are no signs regarding this, so I don’t know what’s going on yet. I do know that the space is a retail condo and that Madison Capital had bought out all of Loehmann’s retail leases after they went out of business a few years back.” Another tipster had seen men with clipboards that said “Fleisher’s” on them looking at the space. We checked with Fleisher’s, a craft butchery, and an owner said they did check out the space but are not planning on moving in. (Check out our farewell to Loehmann’s here.)

Vin Sur Vingt, a new French wine bar, is close to opening at 66 West 84th Street.”Tables have been delivered and business cards are on display outside,” writes Judy.  The menu is available at It’s the only French wine bar I’ve heard of that serves bagels and lox (we heartily approve)!

We’ve gotten some very solid intel on the location of Motorino, the exciting pizza restaurant that’s coming to the Upper West Side. Adam writes: “Motorino will be opening at 510 Columbus ave, formerly Pretty Angel Beauty Nail Spa, between 84th and 85th two up from Gristede’s. I saw them carrying in that big oven after school drop off the other day. You can peak through and see the distinctive oven still.” Mary MacManus sent us a similar tip, passing along her husband’s conversation with his barber. Barbers know everything!

arte expansion

Arte Cafe at 108 West 73 street “is doubling in size, by taking over ground floor space in adjacent brownstone at 112. Construction should be done in about a week or so,” Gretchen writes. The new portion (behind the white cars) is already open but the main space is under construction.

The restaurants at 103rd street and Broadway — including Aangan, Sun Chan, Broadway Pizza and Ollie’s — that had been closed for a gas shutdown that lasted more than a month are open again. Patronize them, they need the dough!

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    1. Kathleen says:

      Excited about Motorino and Vin Sur Vingt – been getting bored of the usual spots in the 80s.

      Anyone know what’s going on with the H&H Bagels slated to open on Columbus btwn 86 and 85? WSR posted about this in July last year ( and the location has been listed on their website for a while (, but the storefront shows little to no signs of progress.

      • jeff Berger says:

        The H&H Store has been undergoing weird work on the roof for a few months now. They put up orange flags on wood stands across the roof. Workers have been installing what look like heating and cooling tubes. I took a peek inside when the door was open and the space is empty. There does not appear to have been any real work. There is no sign that it is going to be a shop anytime soon Are they putting in a bakery as well?

      • Steve in Manhattan says:

        H&H and Zabar’s whitefish salad was a Saturday morning staple. I’ll walk 10 blocks if the bagels are as good.

      • Neighbor says:

        The old laundryman on Columbus between 84 and 85th has become a homeless hangout. Not great for the neighborhood.

      • Neighbor says:

        The laundry empty laundry that will become h and h has become a homeless hang out. Hope something goes in fast.

    2. Judith Goldberg says:

      I heard that a Saks outlet is going into the vacant Loehman’s space.

    3. Wendy says:

      A croque Monsieur ($14) is more expensive than a bagel and lox ($10) at Vin Sur Vingt?? That was/is the peasant food in France. A chicken sandwich (not even white meat) is $16? I guess all the Yuppies in the hood can eat lunch there.
      Where have the reasonable restaurants gone? I’ll eat my ham and melted cheese sandwich at the diner where the coffee refills are gratis, thank you.

    4. johnny says:

      Question, is the lower level of the Ansonia where the Platos Retreat used to be back in the day? With the pool and all the side rooms…

    5. Drinkers beware. I ate dinner in the new dining area of Arte last night and the temporary bar evidently is short on refrigeration. 4 ounces of warm Pinot Grigio was served in a 10 ounce glass for $14. The last time I was there is was 6 ounces chilled for $11.

      • dannyboy says:

        I guess it’s all about the money for them.

      • RK says:

        Did you bring it to their attention and give them a chance to make it right? Or just complain here to potentially turn off customers?

        Arte has some of the best Neapolitan pizza on the southern UWS (until Motorino opens that is!)

        • dannyboy says:

          I took Carol’s Comment as information sharing among the West Side Rag readership. That is the purpose of Comments.

          But “4 ounces of warm Pinot Grigio…for $14” IS all about the money.

    6. Liz says:

      It’s a bummer that more and more Mom and Pop businesses are finding it impossible to survive in NYC. Everything is so expensive because of greedy landlords who only want businesses that can pay top dollar rents.

      These great little Mom and Pop stores and shops add character to NYC. Sorry to see things changing so much. Some times change is not better.

      Bring back the old New York City — the grit the grime. I truly hate the new suburbanized Time Square.

      • STU says:

        with Deblasio as “mayor” we are certainly getting grit and grime,but not the way I remember it

      • dannyboy says:

        It’s all about the money for them.

      • Small businesses did a lot better when there weren’t as many regulations. The city makes more money by imposing penalties for minor infractions every time a new regulation is created. Landlords pass the cost of doing business to tenants and small businesses raise their prices.

        We are sanitizing NYC at the demand of residents. Regulations help the bigger businesses by getting rid of the poorer competition. You need a license to do anything in NYC and pay for the privilege.

        Poorer residents used to be able survive by selling found junk on the street. Today you can get fined for taking it out of the trash or hauling it in your cart.

      • ScooterStan says:

        Re: “These great little Mom and Pop stores and shops add character to NYC. Sorry to see things changing so much….Bring back the old New York City — the grit the grime.

        Ummm…and guess WHAT rhymes with “grime”? How’s about CRIME! Thankfully, MOST of that is gone now…admittedly and unfortunately, not in ALL neighborhoods.

        But HEY, if ya wanna sample a nabe that is STILL Mom-‘n’-Pop Manhattan, take a stroll down 9th Avenue between 57th and 42nd streets, where you’ll find many, many great ethnic restaurants and other small store-front businesses.

        Re: “I truly hate the new suburbanized Time Square.”
        So don’t go there. It’s NOT going to go back to the seedy, dangerous, and disgusting place it once was just because YOU hate it!

      • RK says:

        I know. I miss getting mugged. Those were the days.

        • dannyboy says:

          You may have mischaracterized Liz’s Comment. You might want to reread it.

    7. Tom D. says:

      Aangan and Ollie’s are back open (hoorah!), but Sun Chan and Broadway Pizza are not yet.

    8. Steve in Manhattan says:

      The laundromat thing hurts – sort of a fixture. We use the Chinese laundry in our building (170 W 74th) and would hate to see it go.

      • dannyboy says:

        I use the laundry in our building. Most of the residents are having their housekeeper/nanny do their laundry in our basement, eliminating need for outside laundromats. Of course, all proper protocols are circumvented by these people.

    9. RedRaleigh says:

      I’m always happy to see/try new restaurants on the UWS. My wife and I always share an app and entree so the cost is not that bad..and we stay skinny. It’s those glasses of wine that are just a ripoff! Seriously, $12-15 for one glass of wine?? That’s just crazy.

    10. Joan Paylo says:

      Could my dear friend Mrs. Mc Manus ask her well-informed husband to inquire of his barber whether Motorino will have optional gluten-free crust? Or should we just stick to V&T, which has some of the best GF crust in the ‘hood? (Couldn’t find GF on their EVillage menu.)

    11. New Yorker says:

      If what Judith Golberg writes about a Saks outlet in the old Loehmans space is accurate, that would be their Off Fifth brand which is a very wonderful store with lots of very good bargains. Let’s hope!

    12. WestSide_Mimi says:

      If all these Mom and Pop shops are closing due to the high rents, perhaps they can set up shops on UWS street corners like the book seller on 72nd & Broadway?

      • dannyboy says:

        Many of these stores were here for a long time and part of the Neighborhood. By pricing them out,landlords get all of the financial gain from these storeowners’ commitment. They do not deserve to be out on the street.

        I guess it’s all about the money.