bull moose
Photo by Joy Bergmann.

People who take their dogs to Bull Moose Dog Run are being urged to come out to Tuesday’s Community Board 7 meeting to fight the Museum of Natural History’s expansion project. The expansion project isn’t on the community board agenda, but people can speak about any local topic during a public comment session near the beginning of the meeting. (The expansion plans as currently drawn don’t appear to affect the dog run, although they would affect another section of Teddy Roosevelt Park.)

Among the items on the agenda are the street fair calendar for this year (a topic of heated discussion in our comments section a couple of weeks ago), and a couple of liquor licenses, including for Gebhard’s Beer Culture on 72nd and for Salumeria Rosi on 73rd. Check out the full agenda below.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 6:30 PM
Congregation Rodeph Sholom
7 West 83rd Street (Central Park West)

Subject to Change

Approval of minutes from previous full board meeting

Chair’s Report, Elizabeth Caputo

Community Session
We welcome all members of our community (residents, businesses, CBOs) who would like to speak on issues of interest to them.  Members of the community are granted one minute for remarks, and we will also accept a written copy for the record.

Manhattan Borough President’s Report, Diana Howard

Reports by Elected Officials

Reports by Elected Officials’ Representatives (One-minute remarks)

Business Session
Business & Consumer Issues Committee
Michele Parker and George Zeppenfeldt-Cestero, Co-Chairpersons
Resolutions Re:

Applications to the SLA for two-year liquor licenses:
1.    283 Amsterdam Avenue (West 73rd Street.) D&S Dining Group LLC, d/b/a Salumeria Rosi.
2.    228 West 72nd Street (West End Avenue.) MT Gebhard, LLC, d/b/a Gebhard’s Beer Culture.
Unenclosed Café Renewal Applications:
3.    313 Amsterdam Avenue (West 75th Street.) Renewal application #1471902-DCA to the Department of Consumer Affairs by Baby Oliver, LLC, d/b/a Piccolo Cafe, for a four-year consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café with 9 tables and 18 seats.
4.    441 Amsterdam Avenue (West 81st Street.) Renewal application #1283635-DCA to the Department of Consumer Affairs by JPS Ventures, Inc., d/b/a St. James Gate, for a four-year consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café with 3 tables and 8 seats.
5.    Multi-block street fairs.
Applications to the Street Activity Permit Office for multi-block street fairs in 2016.
4/17/16    Veritas, Inc.    Bway, 96-102 E    Mort & Ray
4/17/16    Duke Ellington Blvd. Neighborhood Association    Bway, 102-106 E    Mort & Ray
4/17/16    24th Precinct Community Council        Mort & Ray
4/24/16    Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center    Col, 66– 72    Clearview Festival
5/01/16    Broadway Mall Center    Bway, 86-93 E    Mort & Ray
5/08/16    Committee for Environmentally Sound Development    Bway, 60-65E     Clearview Festival
5/22/16    West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce    Amst, 77–89    WMCC
5/29/16    Coalition for a Livable West Side        Bway, 72-82 W    Mort & Ray
5/29/16    Safe Haven West Side Basketball League    Bway, 82-86 W    Mort & Ray
6/05/16    Project Open at Lincoln Center Towers        Bway, 65-72 W    Mort & Ray
6/12/16    West Side Federation of Neighborhood & Block Assoc.    Bway, 73-82 E    Mort & Ray
6/12/16    The Broadway Mall Association    Bway, 82-86 E    Mort & Ray
8/14/16    Goddard Riverside     Amst, 79-86    Clearview Festival
9/18/16    Valley Restoration, LDC    Amst, 96–106    Mardi Gras Festival
9/18/16    West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce    Col, 68–86    WMCC
10/02/16    Bloomingdale Area Coalition    Bway, 96–103 W    Mort & Ray
10/16/16    NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch     Bway, 86 – 90  W    Mort & Ray
10/16/16    Symphony Space    Bway, 90 – 96 W    Mort & Ray

Preservation Committee
Jay Adolf and Gabrielle Palitz, Co-Chairpersons
Resolutions Re:

6.    108 West 74th Street (Columbus Avenue.) Application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for rear yard terrace enclosure.
7.    18 West 75th Street (West 74th – 75th Streets.)  Application #16-8907 to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to add a stair and elevator bulkhead on the roof, restore front façade, add new windows to the existing rear extension, and enclose underneath the existing overhang at the ground floor.

Transportation Committee
Andrew Albert and Dan Zweig, Co-Chairpersons
Resolution Re
8.    Greenmarket/GrowNYC. Street Activity Permit Application renewal for the operation of the Friday greenmarket on West 97th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.

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    1. TommyG says:

      Those signs were all over the UWS over the weekend with no explanation as to which park or what the issue was.
      Poor planning on the part of the organizers, I say!

    2. HermesZee says:

      Were it not for AMNH there would be no Dog Run. I oppose uncontrolled development (zoning failures) and changed my mind about opposing AMNH expansion:during childhood visits I felt interior design had failed me and natural history with dead ends, too-narrow walkways, lack of lighting and of merging/transitioning exhibits. Is it time to focus on growth now?

    3. 21D says:

      It’s my understanding that the expansion won’t affect the dog run. Am I wrong?