Photo by Antonia.

We received several notices from panicky readers on Thursday that Filicori Zecchini, the cafe on 95th street and Broadway, had suddenly closed, with purple paper plastered over the windows. “Do you guys know what happened to one of my favorite cafes?” Akiva wrote.

Never fear. Filicori had a “plumbing problem” on Thursday and has reopened, an employee said on Friday.

Crepes & Delices, a cafe and creperie at 124 West 72nd street, was shuttered this week by the Health Department. They had reopened as of Friday.

Here are the violations:

1) Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.
2) Food not protected from potential source of contamination during storage, preparation, transportation, display or service.
3) Sanitized equipment or utensil, including in-use food dispensing utensil, improperly used or stored.
4) Facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.
5) Single service item reused, improperly stored, dispensed; not used when required.

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    1. Paul RL says:

      I freaked out just reading this headline. Thanks, WSR!

    2. Rat A. Tooey says:

      Re: “Crepes & Delices, a cafe and creperie at 124 West 72nd street, was shuttered this week by the Health Department….Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’s food”

      Dat WASN’T Mice!

      Dat was me and me bruvvers!

      We thunk that eatin’ French food like …whaddaya call ’em … Creepies? …would show our solid-arity wit’ da French people … AND FRENCH RATS!

      So da healthy dee-part-ment closes da place, which means dere’s no tail-less/unfurred bipeds around to bodder us!

      Veev La France! And da healthy dee-part-ment!

      t’ank youse

      • Debbie D. says:

        Troll scoreboard:

        Originality: 7/10
        Execution: 6/10
        Trollability: 3/10

        Unclear what this poster’s intentions were. Not the first “rat” to troll WSR, but still clever. Unclear what accent they were trying to use. Name references france and disney, but unclear on where the rat is from. Doesnt seem to be attempting to anger anyone, which is a welcome surprise.

    3. mark says:

      Filicori rocketed to the top of my cafe list after I had my first cup there. The most delicious coffee. Smooth. Rich. Highly caffeinated. And that exquisite free piece of chocolate with every cup? Perfection. They just opened in Chelsea too, where I am working. Hooray. Glad they’re back.

    4. beebee says:

      Humorous. And yes, a very welcome surprise that no one is going for the jugular!

    5. swtcurran says:

      I don’t know if tonight was the first night be Mezzogiorno (Broadway and 107) is FINALLY open after sitting there for what seems like a year.

      Island Burger (Broadway and La Salle) is presently doing the same thing looking finished – they even have plants in the window since July – but still not open.

      China Place which closed in August next door appears to be almost finished their renovations and will probably reopen, as what I don’t know, before Burger Island ever does.

    6. upperwestsideguy says:

      I smell a Ratfink

    7. Michael Milken says:

      That’s a popular intersection for the DOH. Not long ago that odd chino-latino restaurant on the opposite corner was also closed temporarily.

    8. Liz says:

      What is it w/ W. 72nd Street and the restaurants located there? Does W. 72nd St. have a worse vermin problem that other areas?

      This is third restaurant I know of on W. 72nd that was closed by the Board of Health. That cafe that sells Kosher pizza was closed about a year ago and that restaurant that replaced Penang (the one that always has a Grade Pending
      sign in the window).

      Got to be really carefully where you buy your food. Was in Chinatown 2 weeks ago.
      Made Rookie mistake. Picked up some food from a little cafe/bakery and also got a side of food poisoning to go. Ouch!!

    9. Josh says:

      Filicori Zecchini — ugh, I can’t see the appeal. Tried it twice with friends, and we all disliked the tea, coffee, and crumbly pastries. They got nothing right. Even the napkins are nonabsorbent. I wonder what that guy who “rents” a workspace at the same table every day, all day, did when the cafe was closed for a day. The joint is popular, though, so this comment will not be.