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By Naomi Davies

The new Bloomingdale’s outlet at 72nd street and Broadway was scheduled to open on Saturday, but Upper West Siders were so excited to get a look at the merchandise that employees let them in starting at 2:30 on Friday. By 3:30, there was already a line outside to get in because of fire code issues — just like Trader Joe’s across the street!

The store is offering shoppers extra-large grand opening deals. For the grand opening through November 25, they’re handing out scratch-off yellow cards that give people 15%, 20%, 25% or 50% off their purchase.

The store was completed in a rush — stocked in just four days after a four month buildout following the departure of Urban Outfitters. You can still smell the fresh paint in the elevator.

This outlet, the first in New York, is aimed at the younger shopper, 20-40 years old — one who likes good, fashionable clothing but needs to pay less than the regular Bloomingdale’s store. There’s an emphasis on fast-fashion, similar to Century 21. Men’s clothing and shoes are in the basement, women’s clothes, jewelry and handbags are on the main floor, and more women’s clothes and shoes are on the top floor. Forty Carrots, the Bloomingdale’s-affiliated frozen yogurt shop, is also on the top, and serves four flavors. There’s a wide array of brands in the store. Some of its stock is manufactured specifically for this outlet, while some is sold by Bloomingdale’s downtown.

Asked what separated the store from Century 21, Senior VP Michelle Israel said Bloomingdale’s is “more contemporary. We’re a part of New York heritage, we speak in a different language.”

Check out a slideshow from the store below.

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    1. WestSideGuy says:

      Looks like the Bloomies outlet is more crowded than PS 199 and it hasn’t even opened yet. Are they going to put a bike lane in the store? Forty Carrots is going to seriously hurt Pinkberry, Tasti-d-lite and 16 Handles. There are more yogurt places than banks or drug stores in a 3 block radius.

    2. jezbel says:

      The thing I hate about department store “outlets” is that they wind up having cheap merchandise manufactured specifically for the outlets with only one or two pieces from the actual retail stores. I’m dating myself, but when “outlets” first started, it was all merchandise from the retails stores that either had a slight defect or that were overstocks, or year old merchandise that didn’t sell well. I’ll always love Bloomies, but not sure if I want cheesy crap with their name on it.

      • Doris says:

        That is true for some stores but a higher end store like Bloomingdales will not be able to get away with putting sub-par outlet merchandise on their shelves.

    3. AC says:

      Very disappointing- a bunch of crammed racks with sub-par merchandise. Don’t waste your time – you have to be nuts to stand in line to get in!

    4. lis says:

      Hudson Yards would be a great location for the specified demographic 🙂

      • Sean says:

        Willow was for the other end of the spectrum and it closed due largely to the lack of foot traffic coming in to that store.

    5. Celia302 says:

      AC and Dan….glad you didn’t stay and shop. I found some great things. Finally a place to buy cool clothes at a great price

    6. Paul on 67th says:

      Gotta laugh at the gal standing out front taking a picture of the store with her iPad.

      What for? Whatever for??

    7. Amy D. says:

      This place is kind of ghetto, the whole block/area reminds me a little bit of New York City in 1987.

    8. AG says:

      I was kinda “meh”, when I went in there. Too crammed feeling, no clear departments or categories for clothes.

    9. Zelda says:

      Forty carrots and only four flavors of frozen yogurt?

      I say fewer carrots and more flavors!

    10. no patience says:

      I hope this store will be like Loehmann’s-with high end special merchandise. If it’s going to be junk made in China for outlet sales–we don’t need it! No silly tee shirts and cheap sweaters please. Keep it classy and it’ll be great for the nabe-otherwise it will fail….

    11. Shari says:

      Waited about 5 minutes on line outside the store on Sunday.. line looked worse than it was. The store feels really really cramped… and it is. I was disappointed with the bag and shoe selection. The clothing is just okay… and if I didn’t have the 25% additional off scratch off, I probably wouldn’t have bought anything. I was underwhelmed. I am in no rush to go back.

    12. Tom D says:

      Has WSR become nothing but a place for UWSers to bitch about everything? Too bad another bank or drug store didn’t take over the spot. At least then you might be justified. Had the “real” Bloomie’s opened there, you’d likely bitch about how high the prices were and how more lower priced options are needed in the neighborhood

      • Elizabeth M. says:

        Right on Dan! If you don’t like it don’t go there!! There are plenty of places to shop; take a cab crosstown to the “Real” Bloomingdale’s.

      • lis says:

        Tom – If you have not seen already, take a look at the 11/18/15 WSR post “It Takes A Village…”
        Really sweet essay about neighbors helping out.
        (Don’t think it included any complaints)

      • William says:

        NO……The UWSers are not inclined to bitch about everything! And NO we do not need another bank or drug store. We need a Supermarket where the middle class can afford to shop on middle class wages. Have you noticed how Fairway has bumped up their prices in recent months. I saw Bacon there for over $7.00 a package and a package is no longer a pound! Nevertheless, it is still usually crowded. Many The UWSers are still willing to pay those incredible high prices. Nuff fur now!!!!!!!

    13. tojopop says:

      If only Anthropologie would come to the UWS. Yes it’s over priced but it’s fun to wander through the fantasy land they create and the sales are terrific. Not to everyone’s taste, I know.

    14. Yugo says:

      Wake me up when LL Bean, Lands’ End or Eddie Bauer come to the UWS.

    15. Yugo says:

      Isn’t frozen dessert season over?

    16. NativeNYer says:

      I stopped in to check out the Bloomingdale’s outlet. I was greeted by a friendly staff member and handed a yellow discount card. The prices are reasonable. The store is cramped and the selection for women’s clothing is limited. I found Zara on Fifth Ave has great prices and trendy clothing for stylish ladies even for those of a certain age.

    17. Wendy says:

      Very crammed, claustrophobic aisles, poor lighting. Some decent deals, lots of trendy stuff. Nice selection of gloves and hats. Shoes included lots of Uggs (now made in China) and Frye boots. Yogurt sample was good but expensive. I don’t think 16 Handles has to worry, nor Pinkberry. But I hope they improve the store appearance and lighting. The aisles are way too cramped and crowded.

    18. William says:

      Really Disappointed! Everything for a man is Black. No bargains for me. Saw a Calvin Klein jacket marked Regular $499 on sale for $199. I think those price tags are bumped up too. Very few things there that you would find in their flagship store. I still plan to go to T.J. Maxx where I really find some wonderful bargains!!!!!!! I think eventually it will go by the way of Loehmann’s.

    19. THOM NEWTON says:

      What a shabby, lower eastside thrift shop has been created by Bloomingdales. Stopped in once, will not return.