trump window

Spotted in the window of Alexis Bittar, the high-end jewelry store on Columbus Avenue between 79th and 80th street: A certain real estate mogul, fashion icon, and the next president of these United States. When he takes office, we will all be wearing suits made of stitched-together hundred-dollar bills.

It turns out Alexis Bittar is doing “comedic commentary”:

“In what he’s proclaiming a “salute to absurdity,” Bittar and his visual team have created a series of larger-than-life papier-mâché models in the likeness of Donald Trump’s head — bouffant hair and all. “I’ve been increasingly disturbed by the popularity of Trump in our country and some of the more insane things he’s said,” Bittar said. “I decided to channel my energy and use our creative talent to have a comedic commentary on his vanity coupled with a dash of Halloween craziness.”

Photo by Gretchen Berger.

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    1. Dave says:

      Is an overpitched store that sells minerals for the elite, really trying to mock trump?

      • Sean says:

        The UWS is no longer”for the people”.

      • ScooterStan says:

        “Minerals for the elite”, Eh!

        WELL, who woulda thunk it…the old Lefty-Librul Upper West Side HASN’T TOTALLY DISAPPEARED.

        Sorry, Comrade, but if you carefully read Mr. Bittar’s remarks, you MIGHT note the irony and playfulness behind his decision to parody The Donald.

    2. Denton says:

      Bittar is to real jewelry as Trump is to Obama. It’s costume jewelry…

    3. WakeUpPeople says:

      I soooo can’t wait till Trump is president and can undo the mess Obama made.

      • Sean says:

        Trump White House and Casino

        • Martha says:

          Sean, you made me laugh out loud — and there’s no one else in my apartment. He is bragging about bailing out on his properties in Atlantic City, leaving more sad sacks than ever in that long ago resort. Oh, no. I’m starting to get serious again. Thanks for a moment of cheer.

    4. Gretchen says:

      As POTUS, I think Trump will have Ben Franklin’s face removed from the $100 bill and replace Ben with his face (and hair).

    5. Alex says:

      The craziness is that non new yorker’s actual think The Donald is serious.