A new building is set to rise at the site of a Hertz garage at 269 West 87th street between West End Avenue and Broadway and NY YIMBY got an architect’s rendering of the site. The 17-story condo is set to have 39 apartments, with an average apartment size of 2,569 square feet — several will have private balconies. The architect is FxFowle.

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    1. Mary Jones says:

      I remember when there was a Red Apple grocery store there. Towards the end they stopped selling meat but I still got cat food and other things.

      • Roscoe says:

        I remember that too! The Red Apple was actually just east of this property, at 265 W 87th St. You might also remember the small “Murder Inc” bookstore (sold mysteries) that was in a tiny storefront (you can still see the stoop) at 271 W 87th, in front of the west part of the garage.

        • Tony says:

          I LOVED Murder Inc (I think it was actually “Murder Ink”). I used to go when I needed a book and just browse until I found something fun-looking. One of the best curated selections ever.

    2. Sean says:


    3. WombatNCY says:

      It’s the Laurel Part 2

    4. w. neff says:

      It looks like an Orlando Hyatt.

      I suppose from a developer’s perspective, distinguished architecture just increases overhead costs and reduces overall profit. We’ll all just have to suffer looking at this thing.

      • Mike says:

        Yeah, your quality of life is going to plummet due to seeing that building. They should have consulted you on the design.

        • w. neff says:

          One simply has to hope that the demolition permits on this building are issued as expeditiously as they were for the parking garage. (When the time comes, of course.) Along with the building on the south side of 86th and WEA, we can now call this area “Mediocrity Corner.”

    5. drg says:

      What will happen to all those poor displaced cars?

    6. ursus arctos says:

      They are already gone.

      The garage has been closed since the beginning of the month

    7. UWS_lifer says:

      OK, two things….

      I live across from this building and my windows face it and I couldnt care less about the construction noise, dust etc. or the aesthetics of the building afterward.

      Come on people, when I was growing up in this city we all just minded our own business, didnt complain about every little inconvenience, and just kept on trying to live our lives to the fullest. We used to just call it “life in the big city” and moved on to the next thing…you know, something important. In other words, stop dwelling on things that dont, and shouldnt, concern you.

      Anyway, just an old mans viewpoint.

      • whatsupduck says:

        Hi, neighbor!
        (Don’t know you from your handle but my window, too, looks on the parking garage.)
        Aren’t you the least bit concerned about asbestos and construction dust? As far as I’ve heard, we’re not getting those special filters and we’ll need to keep the windows closed day/night once they start b/c of construction dust/debris.

        • Kenneth says:

          The NYC DOB requires asbestos testing before demolition (or any project) starts. If the tests are positive, there is a entirely separate protocol involved for the containment and removal of any asbestos contaminated materials. The removal is executed by a licensed and certified hazardous substance abatement company. Life in the big City. It is what it is.

      • Pedestrian says:

        Our neighborhoods and the development therein is and should be our business!

        The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men. PLATO

      • Woody says:

        It’s refreshing to read this comment made by a sensible person rather than the multitude of jealousy-filled vitriol posted by the typical UWS kvetches.

    8. jct says:

      At least this building looks like it belongs in the neighborhood, unlike the building that will rise at 80th & Broadway, which looks like a midtown office building.

    9. Pedestrian says:

      You’d think with all the money developers are making they could At least buy some new plans. Same old same old. Boring and devoid of character.

    10. Pedestrian says:

      Our neighborhoods and the development therein are and should be our business.

      The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men. PLATO

    11. jsf says:

      Yet another unnecessary, awful looking bldg. providing housing for 39 apts. What a shame! There are so, so many apts of that size available all over town! Too bad!