unclue luo yang

We have a ton of information about Upper West Side openings and closings, including new Chinese food and pizza.

Chinese restaurant Uncle Luo Yang has finally announced that it will open soon on Amsterdam Avenue near 106th street. The restaurant’s owner has operated a popular food truck that caters to Columbia students for years, and announced two years ago that he would expand to a restaurant. But there haven’t been any signs of the restaurant since — until now. The food truck has some pretty sweet deals — including $5 lunch specials and $3 pork burgers — and students say the proprietor is generous. “Uncle Luoyang is super nice and always makes conversation while you wait. He even remembers you if you frequent a lot! Sometimes he undercharges me for food and waves me off if I try to return a dollar or two.” Thanks to Daren for the tip and photo.

Laundry Room Plus, the laundromat that closed on Columbus between 85th and 86th is set to become a bagel shop, an employee told one of our tipsters.

The new Lowe’s on 68th and Broadway now has merchandise on the shelves, including gardening products in the front of the store, and an employee told our tipster that it’s now set to to open in “early September.”

Macchina, the pizza-focused Italian restaurant, on 106th and Broadway is opening tonight, according to Gothamist, which peels away some of the mystery behind the place. It turns out the owners made their name in (gasp!) Williamsburg. “Atomic Hospitality Group, the dudes behind The Bedford, Roebling Sports Club and Legion, are entering the Manhattan market with this Italian-Pizza offering set in a spacious corner spot decked out in the requisite industrial touches of exposed brick, unfinished floors and wood accents.” If you’re hip enough try the “Yukon Gold Potato pie ($16) with double smoked bacon, shallot, rosemary and gorgonzola.”

See Spot Run dog-walking services is closing, and the owner will be focusing on dog training. Maureen tells us: “My husband Ian Phillips started his company 4 years ago and he has had an enormous success with the dog community. He just can’t compete with companies that pack walk and or work on a cash basis. The margins are just too slim and he paid his walkers well to attract the most qualified and trustworthy team. So sadly, he can no longer offer walking services.  Ian is a fixture in Central Park and has serviced over 300 dogs and their owners these past several years.  Walking services end on 9/4.”

ChicoJulio, the Mexican restaurant on Amsterdam between 96th and 97th streets that closed in January, has now reopened. The new sign calls it a “local pub” (unlike the old one, which said “Bodega De Mar”). The space used to house Cafe Frida, and was opened by the same owners. Thanks to Daren for the tip and photo.


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    1. Scott says:

      Woo hoo for Lowe’s! That is huge.

      • Epz says:

        Because UWSers are lost without garden supplies, snowblowers and garage doors!

        *just kidding*

        But as a renter i dont see myself using this place for anything, but i know its good to have one in the area just in case.

    2. denton says:

      Local pub? Is there another kind?

    3. ScooterStan says:

      Re: “See Spot Run dog-walking services”

      See Spot RUN…as in RUN-AWAY ???

      not such a good name for a dog-walking service, eh? Of course, NOT as bad as having named it “Dog-Gone!”

      Better names:
      “Here Boy!”
      “Sit! Stay!”
      “No Chase Squirrel!”
      “Good Doggie!”


    4. Miles says:

      i saw the menu. The thing is the food prices are much cheaper than it’s overpriced predecessor. I guess it’s a watering hole.

    5. Mike says:

      Not sure why it’s taking another 4+ weeks for Lowes to open, walking by there just the other day it looked fully-stocked, ready to open its doors any minute. Even had a hefty contingent of store workers congregating outside smoking cigs.

    6. Sam says:

      Three notes: One — I sure hope Ian has NOT “serviced over 300 dogs and their owners these past several years.” Phew. There’s gotta be a better way to put that. Two — I suspect that Macchina is gonna be a tough sell in this neighborhood, due to their prices. A $45 steak? Wow. Three — Can’t wait for Uncle Luo Yang’s to open!

      • Cato says:

        Are you kidding? Our new neighbors will happily pay a paltry $45 for a steak — I mean, the proprietors come out of *Williamsburg*, for heaven’s sake! How cool is *that*???

      • Cyrus says:

        Agreed about Uncle Luo’s. I hear the Cream of Sum Yung Guy is fantastic

    7. dannyboy says:

      ChicoJulio, the Mexican restaurant on Amsterdam between 96th and 97th streets has been open for weeks. I have been eating there (or else, I’m starting to dream about food).

    8. Young Sally says:

      So sad to hear that Ian won’t be available for dog walks…but glad he will still be training. Met him near Schatzies a few years back with my then new adopted “beasts”….They went totally ape when they met the dogs that Ian was walking and yet immediately calmed down when he spoke with them.

      Next up training!!

    9. Mark says:

      Loews: September? Gardening products?

    10. Thank you Ian and the “bark” of luck with your new endeavor. Your canine clients have some of the best pup photos on

    11. PC says:

      Went to Macchina. It is excellent. I was shocked because as a transplant from Brooklyn to the UWS I have been underwhelmed consistently. I think the food could stand up anywhere. (Not paid; don’t know them; love food)

    12. David says:

      According to H&H Bagel’s website, they are opening a store in Laundry Room Plus’ location.

    13. Emily says:

      Also, Tolani om Amsterdam between 79th and 80th, closed Wednesday the 29th. Nothing has been reported to take the space yet.

      • LMN says:

        I asked what was taking over and the bartender said people were looking at it, so it didn’t sound like anyone yet.

    14. Diana Bloom says:

      You probably already know of the closings of the Candle Cafe and Fusha, both on Amsterdam between 75th and 74th Streets.