The joyful noise of young children laughing as they stir ingredients into the batter for a classmate’s birthday cake. The sweet sound of their voices joined together as they sing a familiar Hebrew song. The chorus of questions as a teacher presents a book on a new topic for exploration. This is what you first experience when you step into the early childhood center at Beit Rabban Day School.

Beit Rabban_642As you move towards the sound and peer into the room, a magical scene unfolds. A small group of students work together on a large mural, their paint brushes replicating the images and ideas in their young minds. A teacher sits with another student at the writing center, assisting with the spelling of the child’s name and capturing her ideas on paper, strengthening the connection between ideas, language, reading and writing. Another teacher sits with the group making the cake, helping them read the recipe and measure out the ingredients. Next to the colorful class rug, a group is building a tower with blocks, hoping to reach the sky. The walls are covered with art, charts, children’s writing samples, Hebrew, images of upcoming holidays and evidence of deep learning. Everywhere is warmth and love.

Beit Rabban_0276The early childhood center, known as the Gan at Beit Rabban Day School, provides 3-5 year old children with a caring and stimulating experience. We nurture the natural wonder and curiosity of children and give them the skills and tools to learn about the world around them. Our approach is designed to help children develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and creatively. Together, our Gan and elementary program build the foundation for a lifetime of successful thinking, learning, understanding, communicating and collaborating.

These skills are developed through a variety of different learning experiences, whether in the classroom, next door in Central Park or in the wonderful setting for learning that is the Upper West Side. On a weekly basis, children engage with art, music, sensory materials, dramatic play, block-building, baking, math and literacy ideas, Hebrew conversation and stories, Jewish traditions and concepts, critical thinking activities and more. They are continuously encouraged to make choices, ask questions, contribute to conversations and reflect on their learning. Their growth is assessed and recorded through their work, photographs, teacher observations and their own words that are sent home to share with families in personal portfolios. All the while, children are fostering close and meaningful friendships and have a great time.

Beit Rabban_667The Gan also serves as a key entry point into the elementary program at Beit Rabban Day School. Currently serving students from kindergarten through fifth grade with plans to extend through middle school, the elementary program is now preparing for its 25th year of operation. Its distinctive approach to education includes a strong emphasis on Hebrew and Jewish text skills, a progressive, child-centered learning method, intellectual rigor and continued attention to social-emotional growth. At Beit Rabban Day School, we educate the whole child using a holistic curriculum and an outstanding faculty that help students make connections between disciplines rather than divide the day or world solely into Jewish and general studies categories.

Beit Rabban offers opportunities for small group learning, intellectual challenges, and a strong track record of acceptance into the leading day schools in the city.

Whether selecting Beit Rabban for your younger children, participating in Havaya: The Summer Experience at Beit Rabban, or considering our program for your child’s elementary years, the Beit Rabban community of educators and parents represent an extraordinary group of individuals and families that care deeply about ideas, children and life-long learning. Although the school serves the wider city community, it remains an intimate setting for children and adults alike, a place where authentic and caring relationships develop and grow.

We invite you to experience the magic by joining us for a tour so that you can see our vision at work. Let us capture your imagination.

For more information, please visit

Beit Rabban Day School
15 West 86th Street
New York, NY 10024

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