nails parking

Winter has been hanging around like that college buddy who “just needed a few days to crash,” and has been on your couch for months, dribbling his Cheetos on the carpet.

Gone are the romantic flurries, replaced by garbage-strewn grey and yellow ice.

It may be affecting our attitudes.

Don snapped a photo of this collection of boards and nails on 98th street between Broadway and West Avenue, and pointed out that it was basically a weaponized parking-spot saver.

So we asked: How do you know it’s not just some boards and nails left over from a construction site?  We are basically a bunch of naïve tourists.

He wrote back:

“Did you ever try finding a parking spot around there???

All the boards that were piled up had nails sticking straight to the sky – all the easier to puncture your tires, my dear!

Funnily enough, when I went past the spot a couple of hours later, the boards were removed and the spots being saved, had cars parked between the snow heaps.

I’m so happy I took the picture because my friend, whom I told about it, would have thought I’d been hallucinating.”

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    1. robert says:

      Actually this snap has nothing to do with parking. I live less than a block away from this location. The building this is in front of, the Sabrina, has been having large amounts of work done on it. Thus is am almost daily pile of construction debris. They put it out there when thee is no car so the carting company can pick it up without dealing with the sun

    2. Ted says:

      Amateur hour. In Chicago, where they go through this hell every winter, when a parking space is dug out a chair is placed in the spot and woe unto the poor soul who does not respect the Dibs system. People get shot over that stuff fairly often. Forget the boards and nails, you just need a chair.

    3. zeus says:

      To quote Stevie Wonder:

      “New York City, just like I pictured it –
      Up against the wall, mother f4832r”.

    4. I am told that in Boston the weaponized parking-spot savers are the local residents.

    5. nancy says:

      I think thee is right Robert!

    6. hkw says:

      I walk down this block quite a bit and the last few weeks there have been “security guards” in parked cars on the north side of the block and orange security cones blocking off a section of the block. Had been wondering what that was about.

    7. Barefoot says:

      Some days it appears Henry Ford did us no favor.