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A Chirping Chicken is set to open in this storefront on 106th street and Columbus Avenue.

New places serving chicken, Vietnamese sandwiches and burgers-beer-cocktails are opening on the Upper West Side.

BONMi, a restaurant that serves Vietnamese sandwiches, or Bánh Mi, is set to open later this month at 150 West 62nd street, which is inside Fordham Law School’s McMahon Hall. BONMi also serves salads and rice and noodle dishes and it will offer delivery, according to Check out the menu at its DC location here. Vietnamese sandwiches are rare on the UWS. Quick and Quality Sandwich, one of the few other local locations to get a Vietnamese sandwich closed in 2013 after a brief run. (Let us know in the comments if there are other sandwich spots we’re missing.)

Chicken chain Chirping Chicken is planning to open soon at 940 Columbus Avenue, on the corner of 106th and Columbus. The chain also has a location at 355 Amsterdam Avenue. Thanks to Becky for the tip.

Soldier McGee Tavern at 480 Amsterdam Avenue (83rd) has closed, and is being replaced by a restaurant and bar called Joe’s NYC. They say they’re serving burgers, cocktails and beer and plan to stay open until 4 a.m. We like the sign, and the idea that you can finally “Eat at Joe’s” on the Upper West Side. Thanks to Jeremy Motz and others for the tips and photos.

Update: the first Yelp review is in: “The Soldier McGee was an oasis away from the crowded pubs and such and the down Amsterdam avenue. The sports bar theme is gone. It is hipster sectional friendly.” The burgers weren’t available yet when the person posted on Yelp, so it’s probably just a soft launch.



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    1. drg says:

      935 Columbus Ave
      106th st

      really good Bánh Mi, IMO

      • UWS-er says:

        Saiguette is fantastic. And delivers all the way down to the 70s.

        • ST says:

          Agreed….Saiguette is excellent and super fast delivery. The skirt steak Banh mi is huge and rivals ones in chinatown.

      • Diane says:

        Agreed. I am not one usually given to superlatives but I’ve got to make an exception for Saiguette.
        It’s run by super nice people but the best part is that everything we’ve ordered has been fantastic! Wonderful soups (esp good for a winter nite) & sandwiches. Great roast pork.
        We’ve been ordering from them at least once a week…it’s too hard to go longer than that!

    2. Sue L says:

      Saiguette has my vote too, especially for their spicy udon/bok choy phô–amazing!

    3. Rat A. Tooey says:

      Hold yer carriage-horses!

      Howz aboud da two ‘wichcraft locations at Lincoln Center?

      Dere’s one in da Performing Arts Library and anudder at dat Atrium thingy on Broadway below sixty-two street.

      Me and me bruvvers luv da left-overs.

    4. GerryK says:

      Saiguette at 106/Columbus has excellent banh mi sandwiches, along with pho and other Viet staples.

    5. Young Sally says:

      I’d really like a Num Pang to open on the UWS…I always ask them whenever I stop in at the village location.

    6. webot says:


      Thumbs up for the 1970s snazzy font for the window.

      best of luck

    7. RK says:

      Does a second location of Chirping Chicken really qualify as a “chain”?
      The one on the east side is unrelated

    8. mark says:

      Saiguette’s banh mi was a one-and-done for me. A tastier and more soulful option is the bulgogi banh mi at Flat Top Bistro, on Amsterdam at 121 Street. Its on their lunch menu. The bulgogi meat, though delicious, makes the bread a little soggy. That’s my only (minor) complaint. The side of sour pickles is also top notch.

    9. Daniela S. says:

      Saiguette on the corner of Columbus Avenue and 106th street has great Vietnamese sandwiches. It has fantastic food. The only problem with the restaurant is that it really has no place to sit and eat. The one counter is not at all comfortable.