Fall built to a crescendo this week, and some local photographers captured dramatic images.

fall riverside
Photo by Bette Kerr in Riverside Park around 132nd street.

bow bridge1
Photo by Denton Taylor of the Bow Bridge in Central Park. Denton also took the shots below.

bow bridge4

bow bridge3

Photo by Aris Dervis.

More fall photos here and here.

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    1. ScooterStan says:

      Photo #2 has excellent color and range of tones.

      Unfortunately, photos #3 and #4 suffer from the weather when shot and are relatively flat and muddy.

      BUT a little jiggering of the exposure, contrast, etc. in Photoshop or its much simpler cousin, Photoshop Elements, or even in Picasa would give these pics the vibrancy and color they deserve.

      Photo manipulation/enhancement is NOT a sin. Even Ansel Adams manipulated his pix, and he had to do it the hard way — in a darkroom!

    2. denton says:

      lol scooter stan. The photos appear exactly as I want them to appear, at least when viewed on my profiled and calibrated monitor. You’re probably used to seeing too many images where the saturation and vibrance sliders are cranked all the way to the right. Elements and Picasa indeed. The colors are muted, because they WERE muted.

      • ScooterStan says:

        Hey, no arguing with an accomplished photographer…ESPECIALLY one with a calibrated monitor!

        That’s a skill that still escapes me!

        Happy shooting!

    3. Jon says:

      These are great! Would it be possible to get higher resolution versions? Would make for some nice desktop backgrounds 🙂

    4. UWSConcern says:

      All you people discussing the photoshop aspects of these pics are missing that the real problem with this thread lies within the title of this thread ”

      one does not “hit” a crescendo, a crescendo is a gradual build up and therefore, by definition, is not “hit” per se. Rather, it is approached within a period of time lasting the specific length of said crescendo.

    5. paolo guidi says:

      sharp focus of lusher green foreground and autumn rushes
      contrasting with the misted bridge and veiled vibrancy of the foliage brings to mind Rosetti

      Know’st thou not at the fall of the leaf
      How the heart feels a languid grief
      Laid on it for a covering,
      And how sleep seems a goodly thing
      In Autumn at the fall of the leaf?