hawthorn park

Your pup’s filthy paws have no place in the lobby at Hawthorn Park, the gleaming new apartment building at 160 West 62nd street overlooking Lincoln Center. The building owner, Glenwood Management, has banned dogs over 15 pounds from the premises. The weight limit is in effect, the building has told potential renters, because every dog has to be carried by its owner into the elevator, with no paws touching the lobby floor.

One applicant told us management’s rigidity about the weight limit was one of the things that turned her off from renting in the building, even though the apartment views were “gorgeous.”

Obviously, lots of buildings in the city have no-dogs-at-all policies. And, while we at West Side Rag happen to LOVE dogs, it’s understandable that some people might not like hearing your German Shepherd Poindexter bark like the Russian army is invading.

But a policy that would have banned heroic dogs like Lassie and Old Yeller in favor of dogs you can put in your purse like Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell? A policy that explicitly favors foo foo dogs in order to protect the lobby floor? That’s something else altogether. It just seems so effete.

One broker we spoke to says she’s heard of similar dog weight limits before at other buildings. We checked in with Glenwood Management for an explanation of the policy and to learn more about how it came about, but they didn’t answer our questions.

hawthorn park2
The entrance to the lobby at Hawthorn Park.

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    1. Frank says:

      Probably to make the cheap construction components last longer. Sometimes I think that the UWS is a laboratory for developers and landlords to see what crazy ideas (Poor Doors and SRO’s among them) they can push through and then expand to the rest of the city.

    2. Tom D says:

      Glenwood has same 15 pound weight limit in all of their buildings. Not sure if others require dogs to be carried.

    3. jk says:

      Hopefully they’ll add a toilet area that can be cleaned daily for the dogs to urinate in rather than
      having them do it outside the building. !! Dogs are the victims of being ‘owned’ by sad anti social people who don’t look at the chaotic tear making awful smell they’re creating on the sidewalks all over the city.
      Great that the building is setting a standard that people should emulate.

    4. Justina says:

      We have poor doors, dog doors, rich doors, celebrity doors, talk about segregation, and you call this a liberal city? You have been fooled voters!

      • webot says:


        so what!

        better then no dogs allowed rule.

        Cranks – SROs and poor doors are a direct result of city policy.

        The next thing will be to blame a developer for the nerve of building (on a decades old vacant lot) next to a NYCHA project. How dare they!

      • Paul RL says:

        Nobody is forcing you or your dog to move there.

      • ScooterStan says:

        VOTERS FOOLED ? !! ?

        By whom??

        By a successful developer who has learned to navigate the incredibly complex world of bank loans, city building permits, city regulations, union rules, etc. to create a luxurious building on which he MAY someday make a profit (as long as the economy holds up)?

        The developer is a private businessman who takes a huge risk and owes no one anything, except perhaps those who back him by purchasing stock if his company is publicly-traded.

        If it weren’t for developers hiring talented architects to create breath-taking high-rises we would have a city full of low-rise tenements looking like public housing projects or, even worse, public school buildings. Now THAT’S being “fooled”.

    5. Wendy says:

      Interestingly enough, this is an 80/20 building.
      I believe, however, that they have one door.

      • cjc says:

        Yes, but this building is organized as a pure rental building.

        The infamous “poor door” building is organized as physically separate condo and rental buildings that happen to be adjacent, where the rental building is below market rate. The developer will have no interest in the condo building once the last unit is sold, and will likely sell off the adjoining rental building once that happens. The developer can most easily do this if the rental units are physical separate from the condos, rather than interspersed among them.

        This Hawthorne Park building is not the same thing at all.

    6. Thomas says:

      can my dog use the treadmill

      • whatsupduck says:

        When a potential landlord gave us a hard time about our dog’s weight, I said that she had just been through a bad breakup, sprained her ankle and couldn’t get to Equinox, and was finding solace with Ben and Jerry.

        Another building had breed restrictions, and got huffy when they saw my dog in a Santa Suit. (If a pitbull is wearing lipstick, she’s still a pitbull.)

        I then though it over, called both management companies back, and told them to rip up or shred our application, or my dog could chew it up for them….

        • Jodi says:

          I dig your moxie! I would have done the same.

        • Paul says:

          My 60-pound basset hound makes less noise than the neighbor’s yappy little yorkshire terrier. His snoring cannot be heard in the next room, whereas that little dog’s yelping can be heard two floors above

          • whatsupduck says:

            Exactly. It’s often the little ones.

            This new building’s policy really disgusts me. Even the whole “carrying the dog” rule.

            With their concern over upkeep of their lobby floors, I sure hope they’ll keep them dry on a rainy day, when something spills, etc. What a shame it would be if someone fell and sued the —- out of them…..

    7. Sam says:

      Not sure what the big deal is here. If you don’t like the policy, no need for you to live there.

      I’d like to know what Glenwood will do when that cute 7 lb pug puppy turns into a 30 lb fat, lazy pug! Will they refuse to extend the lease of a tenant? Will they put your dog on a scale every 6 months?

    8. Cato says:

      Sounds like the management is imposing a “paw door” discrimination on pet owners…..

    9. Molly says:

      Just curious: Do they allow stiletto heels on the lobby? Much more damaging than dog toe nails, which wear down.

    10. Christina says:

      That’s ridiculous! What about what’s on the bottom of people’s shoes!? Next, everyone will have to take off their shoes when entering a building. Give me a freakin’ break!