New clothing stores, a salon and a bedding store are opening on the Upper West Side.

Michael Kors is opening a big new store on the ground floor of the Time Warner Center. That space used to house Tourneau and JW Cooper. The Shophound thinks it will beĀ  a”lifestyle” store.

STA, or “Second Time Around,” is an upscale second-hand store. It’s already got a location on West 72nd street, but is now set to open another location in the former home of Montmartre on 79th and Broadway.

ann taylor loftAnn Taylor Loft opened a week and a half ago in the Columbus Square development on Columbus between 98th and 99th. Thanks to Felicia and Harriet for the tips.

Mike Riz, a popular local stylist, has opened his own salon called Salon Riz at 78 West 82nd street, just off of Columbus.

Lowe’s was said to be looking at the former Food Emporium space on 68th and Broadway. Now a tipster tells us that a construction worker at the site said he believed it will be a Lowe’s. Not confirmation yet…but close.

The old Town Shop spot at 82nd and Broadway is becoming a Sleepy’s bedding store. (Town Shop has opened a bigger bra-emporium across the street.) As tipster Rebecca wrote, at least it ain’t a bank!


Thanks to everyone who sent in tips. Keep ’em coming!

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    1. lmdh says:

      I keep hoping for a grocery store to fill the old Food Emporium space. There’s really a dearth of those in that area.

    2. whatsupduck says:

      Sleepy’s is a NY-company with a long history. I’m glad the spot went to locals.

      Bway in the 70s and Columbus in the high 90s/100s is really starting to look like the Paramus Mall.

      • James says:

        Sleepy’s is a bunch of crooks. They use deplorable sales tactics more akin to used cars than home goods. Their price match guarantee is nothing short of impossible to take advantage of, as their mattresses are sold exclusively at Sleepy’s, and they fabricate stories about deals they can offer if you buy right then. I can’t think of a retailer that I respect less.

        • webot says:

          Sleepys has questionable sales tactics , that is for sure.

          Whatever happened to KleinSleep? (“Buy your bed at Kleinsleep and have more fun in bed….)

          Also, Go Michael Kors – a true New York success story (yes now a chain).
          The guy started in sales at Lothars on 57th street and is now a billionaire. Along the way created, thousands of jobs for New Yorkers and millions in tax revenue.

          • whatsupduck says:

            VERY GOOD POINT re: Michael Kors. Yes, a nice, Jewish boy from the Island. My apologies for forgetting that. He is also one of the few designers to recognize the need for fashion in all shapes and sizes.

            I can’t speak to Sleepy’s, but you mentioned Klein’s. What about Long’s Bedding on 72nd? They’ve been around since the time of Antiquity and are fantastic, family-owned, etc.

            • James says:

              I shopped at Long’s and felt they were no more honest than Sleepy’s. i ended up with a bed from Macy’s, where the price wasn’t negotiable and where the quality was guaranteed.

          • Christina says:

            So is Marc Jacobs. He’s an Upper West Sider who went to the same high school as I did… High School of Art & Design!

    3. Barbara says:

      Very garish window! Not at all in keeping with other storefronts.

    4. Kenneth says:

      In 28 years of consulting, the only client who ever stiffed us on our fee was Sleepys.

      The mattress retail business is specifically designed to prevent comparison shopping. The mattress manufacturers create custom model names and ticking colors for each retailer. Macy’s and Speepys will sell the exact same Sealy mattress – but they have different model names and different ticking to prevent comparison shopping. There are charts published that show the equivalents – but they are closely held.

    5. KG says:

      I agree that a supermarket to replace the old Food Emporium would have served the neighborhood best. But the home improvement geek in me is kind of looking forward to the urban concept Lowe’s. Plus we’ve had a vacant storefront for over a year and I’m glad a business is finally moving in.

    6. K.A. says:

      I wonder if a petition to stop the Loews would work. That Food Emporium was perfect and a real supermarket is desperately needed in that area. Who needs a Loews? That stuff can be bought on Amazon for cheaper.

    7. Scott says:

      Lowe’s…psyched! Hope they carry a full line of ceramic tile and 2x4s.

    8. Tom says:

      Agree with earlier comment about Sleepys front being “garish”. Are there no guidelines on UWS re sign design, ie letter size etc?? Or does anything go?

    9. Nj says:

      What happened about the law that all these chain stores were not allowed in NYC? When did that change?

    10. Christina says:

      Isn’t there a Sleepy’s on 72nd and Broadway? Or is that gone.

      • james says:

        Yes, there is one on 72nd & Broadway and another on 72nd bet. Columbus and Amsterdam.

        • UWS Resident says:

          And another on Columbus and 97th. Almost as prolific as Duane Reade with even more garish and ugly design as if that were possible. Do our neighbors do nothing but sleep and take multiple over the counter medications.

    11. Helene says:

      Walked by Zales……..they are gone. Now the building on Broadway and 80th Street is empty of all tenants.