Falcon babies hatched this past weekend on the terrace of animal activist Steve Nislick’s apartment in The Century, at Central Park West between 61st and 62nd street. And the level of cuteness is almost unseemly.

Falcons have nested on Nislick’s terrace for the past three years and this year he built a nest box for them (see photo below). Two babies hatched over the weekend, as first reported by Gothamist. Nislick’s got a camera on the box watching them and has been posting updates on his twitter account. “I will be giving updates on the progress of all,” he told us. Check out photos and a video below. Also, we’ve posted an image of baby hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine below that.

Nislick, by the way, is the founder of NYCLASS, the group advocating for horses and carriages to be removed from Central Park.

they love each other!! from steve nislick on Vimeo.

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    1. Rita McMahon says:

      Such a lovely nestbox with a 180 park view, safe from the rain and wind.

    2. Nelly Patricia Gourzis says:

      The wonders of mother nature with the help and protection of man!