koko wings1

A Korean fried chicken joint opened a few weeks ago on the Upper West Side and someone finally told us about it. Yes, we went the same night we heard.

Koko Wings, which serves fried chicken, bulgogi (marinated Korean beef), Kimchi coleslaw and other dishes opened in the former home of East Dumpling House on the South side of 106th street just East of Broadway. A fan of the dumpling house tipped us off (it’s not clear why the dumpling house closed, but it was replaced very quickly).

Koko was packed on Friday night and appears to be doing a brisk takeout business too. The wings are marinated in either soy garlic or hot and spicy sauce, both of which were tasty. You can also order drumsticks or chicken strips in the same marinades. The Kimchi cole slaw had a nice kick, as expected. Other Korean dishes like mandu (dumplings) and pa-jeon (scallion pancakes with seafood) are also on the menu, which is posted here. There are about 25 seats in the restaurant.

koko wings2

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    1. geoff says:

      the way you describe the chicken makes it sound delicious.

      i am tempted to try it but no; years ago i made the move from ‘commercial’ chicken to ‘specialty’ or ‘organic’ chicken and vowed to myself to not eat or support the industrial scale production of chicken.

      i think it would be a smart move for a place like this to offer chicken raised in healthful, humane ways as a more expensive option.

      • NikFromNYC says:

        When did you give up capital letters too? Great idea though. I too dearly despise the poor, for they cannot afford to buy my luxury products, lately jewelry. It’s best we UWSers help instate policies that will ban cheap souces of protein for these struggling folk. Let them eat organic! Just between us geoff, we both know organic has zero health advantage, which is why it’s so delightful to promote restrictions on large scale production as we indulge in pure theatre snobbishness. Who wants to see fat poor people around? They are so ugly. Lets ban fracking longer too, you know, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, “because of earthquakes and fire water,” so these struggling families of superfluous people will become homeless due to higher energy prices added to nearly every stage of goods production, where we can command that they only eat state sponsored meal plans.

        • MJ says:

          Um, what??? “Zero health advantage”? You mean not eating growth hormones doesn’t qualify for you? If you’re saying organic foods should be available to everyone, I agree, but Fracking? Have you seen what it does to water? Is you answer to ruin our water supply?

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          fyi, Nik doesn’t accept greenhouse-gas driven climate change either…

      • Jeff says:

        Going to second that, Geoff with a G. Once you see what a factory farm looks like, hard to patronize any place that doesn’t serve free-range or cage-free proteins.

    2. jerry says:

      Since everybody and his sister who’s opening a restaurant, coffee shop or eatery in our now flash neighborhood gets a mention…how about Fika in the bottom of the Apthorpe?

    3. Jeremy says:

      I ordered through Seamless last weekend, and was struck by how good it was. Soy-garlic sauce is amazing and fries arrive in relatively good shape. Delivery guy was a real pro, also – he looked like he really cared about his work. Nice addition to the neighborhood.

    4. Bryan says:

      East Dumpling might have been THE worst food experience I have ever had in NYC. Is this place legit? If so, I am likely going to order tonight because I am craving some wings.

    5. MJ says:

      106th is not the UWS.