Two new groups are aiming to bring together LGBT people on the Upper West Side, a neighborhood that may be politically progressive but isn’t known for having a closely knit LGBT community.

“Since there are no bars (OK, One– The Candle Bar) or LGBT coffee houses on the UWS it’s difficult for LGBT folks to connect,” one friend recently wrote to us.

One group that started last year, Upper West Side Pride, focuses on networking and political activities: “Upper West Side Pride aims to bring together the LGBT community on the UWS. We host networking events, and organize the community around important issues.” They’ve already had one offline meetup, a dinner at Loi during Pride Week, and host an active Facebook page.

Another meetup group started a couple of months ago, aiming to bring together gay men in their twenties. So far, it has seven members, but is hoping to add more. Sign up here.

“This group is for gay men in their twenties who live in the Upper West Side. The Upper West Side is defined as the borough of Manhattan, New York City, that lies between Central Park and the Hudson River and between West 59th Street and West 110th Street. The intent of the group is to foster a community of gays in the same age-group (20s), who share the same neighborhood, and allow them the opportunity to make lasting friendships in a more intimate setting. Members will have a support group; and have the chance to enjoy our neighborhood, and beyond.

We will plan activities such as dining, picnics, movies, book/ topic discussions, support sessions; and enjoy events in music, the arts, etc… Suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Discreet members are welcome and will be respected.”


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    1. sarah says:

      I believe Suite is a gay bar on 109 and Amsterdam –

    2. witness protection says:

      It’s too bad that this group decided to discriminate against those not in their 20s.

      Sounds more like a hookup service than a support group.

    3. David says:

      Yet another indication of our culture’s abject lack of regard for wisdom and experience. An interesting example in that in the same breath these folks preach the advancement of inclusion, they pointlessly (unless it really is just an attempt to facilitate hooking up which if it is my god have some shame or decency about advancing it otherwise) disinvite 80+% of the potentially relevant target group. Whatever the case, it hardly advances a cause I hold dear.

    4. Ben says:

      Perhaps gay men in their 20s are just in a different life phase. I don’t see a sin in having a group for them. It could be more about comfort. Also, it does not claim to be an activist group in the description.

      Why are we so keen to judge? I think this mentality of everything leading to hooking up needs to be pushed aside.

    5. Jen says:

      What about lesbians, no matter their age, start their own group? Anyone interested?

    6. dennis says:

      Sadly, time marches on an few people under 50 know that the Upper West Side was the best and gayest part of Manhattan until the mid- eighties.

      • Sammy says:

        I agree Dennis! I’m 47 now and arrived from Texas in ’85 just as it was fading out. Bummer. I’ve heard such wonderful fun stories about all the bars from then!