A longtime Upper West Side clothing store is closing with a big sale, and some other stores have closed or are relocating.

Children’s clothing store Granny-Made on 83rd and Amsterdam is closing after 27 years. They’re now in the process of selling the inventory, at 30% to 50% markdowns. They sent out a notice last month:

“NO, IT’S NOT THE RENT…It’s a combination of the long weak economy and a significant change in shopping patterns. This is sad for us, and we know for our customers. Granny-Made® will continue online where we’ve had websites and a presence on the internet since the mid 1990’s. Our plans are to significantly increase our online children’s business. We may even bring back some of our women’s sweaters & accessories. For those who want to have a more personal online shopping experience, you will still be able to skype, email, or call us and we’ll personally handle your order…fingers crossed, the lease is also for sale and quite a good deal….eventually all the fixtures, displays, and merchandise will be on sale…We’ve had a great run that we’re very proud of…27 years here on the upper Westside! Thank-you all again…we’ve appreciated your friendships and your patronage…we will miss you. Michael, Adele, Ruth, Hannah, and Gracie!”

Carol Genirs told us that the closing is a big loss: “I have two young daughters and have bought many dresses (including their ‘fancy’ holiday dresses) and sweaters for them from Granny Made.  It was also my go-to place for baby gifts for my friends.  They carry the most gorgeous baby sweaters.  Everyone in the shop was always so helpful. I was feeling hopeful and optimistic when they moved north on Amsterdam to their new location a few years ago.  I felt like it was a sign they’d be around for a long time.  Alas, I guess this was not in the plans.  So sorry to see them go.

Pildes Optical is moving from Broadway between 77th and 78th to Broadway between 76th and 77th, the former home of Grom. No word yet on what will replace it.

Maxiga, a bright orange novelty store on Broadway and 80th street, closed a few weeks ago. The store was featured in our holiday shopping guide last year.

Thanks to Rebecca Frey for the photo and tips, and to Carol and Ken for the tips.

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    1. Cara says:

      Not to be a Cassandra, but we are in the midst of a real consumer slowdown. Granny-made closing is the physical reality of 1.8% GDP growth last quarter, revised down from 2.4% because of weak consumer spending. That is a huge correction. We are seeing rent increases on the UWS, but weak spending and stagnant wages. I feel really bad for that shop, but I think we are going to see more of these small businesses closing.

      • NikFromNYC says:

        Welcome to the Tea Party, Cara. Voting is still anonymous as the NSA classifies *you* as a terrorist for the IRS to audit in a world gone mad, a world with a falling sky and entrepreneurs who “didn’t build that.”

    2. Scooter Stan says:

      Oh, Nik, spare us your rant!

      1)The decline in consumer spending is NOT a result of IRS policy or NSA snooping and is nothing that the Tea(bag) Party could fix.

      Maybe, just maybe, it’s a result of companies (a)NOT hiring, and instead trying to do more with fewer employees, resulting in a general decline of service and effectiveness; and (b) the spending power of employees’ paychecks growing weaker and weaker b/c no raises or bonuses (unless you’re a Wall Street type) for the average middle-class worker. Here in NYC, a strong union town if there ever was one, all municipal workers have been without a new contract for at least four years….and our mayor says retroactive raises are out of the question.

      YOUR tax-bite wouldn’t be so high if mega-companies (GE, Apple, etc.) PAID THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES.

      A recent story revealed that the IRS checked ALL POLITICAL ACTIVIST GROUPS, both right-wing and progressive, who were trying to game the system by applying as a non-profit.So it was not, despite the right’s paranoia, a politically-inspired witch-hunt against the right.

      Oh, and as far as “NSA Snooping”? None of us is important enough for the NSA to even notice, and if you think the “Black Helicopters” are watching you, may I suggest a sure-fire remedy — a tinfoil hat!

      Meanwhile, those of us, for whom the memory of those Towers collapsing is un-erasable, actually support the NSA’s efforts. The bad guys are still out there! And Snowden IS a TRAITOR!

    3. Pedestrian says:

      I wish Granny Made well.

      Unfortunately, in NYC there are billions to give to developers but ZERO to help small businesses. Small businesses are closing left and right. Most don’t have the positive outcome of Granny Made. Most close their doors and many long time employees lose their jobs and residents loose essential service when chains and banks move in. When are politicians going to put money into saving our neighborhoods and small businesses and tell billionaire developers to pay their own bills!

    4. Bonnie says:

      Radio Shack is coming to Broadway between 81st & 82nd in the old Verizon space.

    5. At the depth of our latest global financial disaster… Granny-Made was forced to move from our original home of 24 years…what a surprise our new home became an even better and happier location, where we have been for the last three years. We made many good and poor decisions since we began in 1985. The one I did not see was that by The Holidays of 2010… about 6months after our move, I realized that the business model that carried the business from first, a niche catalogue for sweater lovers. Then to a retail store for 27 years. And now on to the Internet exclusivity….I’m excited about my third business on line. I am so grateful to all those wh assisted along the way. 🙂 Michael Rosenberg