There’s been more turnover among small businesses on the Upper West Side, including a store closing on Columbus Avenue that has been around for nearly two decades.

Brief Encounters, a lingerie store on the corner of 71st and Columbus, is closing after 18 years with a going-out-of-business sale. A sign on the window says “Retiring. Thank You for 18 Wonderful Years!”

There is paper over the windows at Space NK Apothecary, a cosmetics and skincare product store on Columbus between 69th and 70th, and the interior has been gutted.

Avventura, the glass store on Amsterdam between 82nd and 83rd, plans to close in the next few weeks “for a number of reasons,” an employee told us. According to a fan on Yelp, the store has been around for more than 20 years.

The 79th Street Pharmacy opened earlier this year on 79th between Broadway and Amsterdam. Despite the proliferation of big box pharmacies throughout the neighborhood, owners Keith Lewis and Larry Hoss are counting on strong service to keep locals coming back. They plan to work with local schools and hold healthy living seminars for seniors. There’s a Duane Reade just down the block on Amsterdam. Which one will you go to?

A new hair salon called Blow Out opened at 908 Amsterdam Avenue between 104th and 105th.

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    1. Ruby Gottlieb says:

      That’s a shame about Avventura…their products have always been so beautiful and it’s been a great place to buy gifts. I will miss it.

    2. westSideRRRR says:

      Agree with Ruby.

      Avventura was always kind of a beacon of light and beauty on the block.

      True, I never bought anything there – and maybe only stepped in once- but I do want to thank the owners for basically just being there and added some brightness and smiles to the Upper West Side.

      Thank you

    3. Liz says:

      NK Apothecary probably suffered from a problem similar to that of the Body Shop on Bdwy & 76th St.

      Business can be great when you are one of a small number; but, now just about every type of store sells eye creams, etc. and cosmetics.

      Too bad about Avventura. I agree. Their products were lovely. It was a source of color and beauty in a rather drab area.

    4. DJ says:

      I was shopping in Space NK the day before they closed. The store clerk told me they are looking for a better space on the UWS. She says they would reopen. I hope so!