Upper West Sider Noah Gotbaum is joining the race to replace Gale Brewer on the City Council, he just told supporters. The news could shake up what is already a crowded race in the 6th District, which now stretches from 53rd to 95th streets, but could soon run from 53rd to 110th streets under a redistricting plan.

Gotbaum enters a very competitive race with numerous formidable candidates, including Mel Wymore, Ken Biberaj, Helen Rosenthal, Marc Landis and Debra Cooper. Most have raised the maximum amount allowed under the public financing system, or close to that.

Gotbaum, who had originally been campaigning to become public advocate, has been most active in fighting for public schools, and was a prominent critic of the move by Upper West Success Charter School to move into the Brandeis School on 84th street.

Here’s his letter to supporters via Azi Paybarah at Capital New York. The news was first predicted by Barkan Report.

Dear Friend,

I am writing to let you know I have decided to make a turn from running for Public Advocate, and enter the campaign for New York City Council in the 6th Council District on Manhattan’s West Side.

Within the City Council I can best continue my advocacy for our children, parents and families, on behalf of our seniors, for working men and women, and for all of our neighbors on critical issues including education, affordable housing, public safety and a cleaner environment.

The 6th Council District stretches from West 53rd Street in Hell’s Kitchen, through Lincoln Center and the Upper West Side, and up to 110th Street below Columbia University. It includes some of the great neighborhoods of this city, as well as leading cultural institutions such as Lincoln Center, the Museum of Natural History, the New York Historical Society, and Symphony Space just to name a few. The district also includes a large portion of beautiful Riverside Park and all of Central Park.

As a lifelong New Yorker, and a West Sider I care greatly about this city and the West Side as the place where I have raised my children, where they attend our public schools, and where their grandparents still live and enjoy their lives. It is my goal to see a better city and neighborhood for them – and for all of our neighbors – as we live and grow in this wonderful, diverse and vibrant community.

Thank you so much for your support. I look forward to continuing our work together.


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    1. robert says:

      Why bother, we all hope Helen Rosenthal will win. She by far has the overall mix of new ideas and experience we will need.

    2. Lisa says:

      Robert, not everyone agrees with you. Mel Wymore is such a strong leader, exhibiting creativity, hard work and great ideas. He gets things done and done well.

    3. Stan Solomon says:

      I agree totally and enthusiastically with Lisa’s above comment.

      Mel Wymore, whose credentials include past chairmanship of Community Board 7, is the ideal person to replace Ms. Brewer. Not only does he know how to get things done, but he also knows how to listen to people and respond to their concerns. His slogan is People Over Politics.

      Mel lives in and knows the U.W.S. and will make an ideal spokesperson for us on the City Council.

      To learn much more, visit

    4. Luma says:

      I am voting for Ken Biberaj. He has been on the streets listening and speaking up for Upper West Siders. He won’t be a technocrat. Everyone I know who has been paying attention to the sham shelter deal on West 95th will be voting for him, he has had our backs.

    5. doug says:

      You know what would be great, is if this blog could have a post wherein local candidates get 140 characters (or 140 words or whatever) to say what their overall deal is, so that people like me who are mostly interested in restaurant openings, and are shamefully unaware of local politics, might be induced to vote. (Apologies if this page already exists here!)

    6. gobot says:

      Good luck fixing the damage brought by Gale Brewer.

      Start by overturning her ridiculous law outlawing overnight guests in SRO hotels, and thus inviting the situation we have now.

      please someone come in who is center left. and not just a hard core communist in disguise as a “progressive democrat”