Just hours after we published a story about how Thelonious Monk’s name was misspelled on a street sign honoring his legacy, the city stepped up and replaced the sign.

Frankly, we’re amazed.

On the original sign at West 63rd street, where Monk lived for much of his life, his first name was misspelled as “Thelonius”.

Ken Biberaj (at right), who is running for City Council on the UWS this year, first noted the error in a letter to the DOT on January 15. We contacted the DOT yesterday for a comment, and they said they’d look into it. We published a story about the error on Tuesday night.

Lo and behold, the sign was changed this morning. A New York Post reporter who wanted to follow up on our story told Biberaj that a DOT maintenance crew was out today taking the old sign down and putting a new one up. By the time Biberaj walked over, the new sign was already there.

If only the Bloomberg administration listened to every single suggestion we made, let alone returned our phone calls. Ha ha ha ha ha (sigh…). And yes, we realize the headline on this story is filled with ridiculous hyperbole.

Anyway, the victory lap goes to Biberaj:

“I’m thrilled the DOT took action to change the misspelled street sign. The upper west side is a community that honors both the arts and our cultural icons and no one symbolizes this better than Thelonious Monk. As Councilman, I plan to bring renewed energy to stand for our past and our future.”

Photo of sign courtesy of Ken Biberaj.

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    1. Richelle says:

      BRAVO, Ken Biberaj FUTURE Democrat City Councilman…you did it!!! xoxo, R! VOTE for Ken in the election in 2013!!!

    2. Luma says:

      Biberaj will have my vote. He is standing up for the community with regard to Agula and it’s sweetheart deal with the DHS to run a double-shelter on West 95th. I will not forget his support, and this signage issue just makes me like him more. He is on our streets and walking the neighborhood, he is not a technocrat. We should expect this from our city officials. Bravo, future Councilman!

    3. Eric Spencer says:

      It’s about time we had a candidate for City Council on the UWS that made his reputation on our fair streets and not some cigar filled backroom. Go on, KEN!

    4. upper westsider says:

      Ken has my vote for sure. He’s stepped up on the seedy deal between DHS and Aguila on the homeless shelter, and in general shown he genuinely cares about the upper west side. Go Ken!

    5. marta says:

      Great Work, Ken! Thanks! Vote for Biberag in 2013 for councilman to get true representation in government!

    6. lovethatphoto says:

      Bravo to the West Side Rag for once again demonstrating the power of the local press in bringing change to a community.