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December 31, 2012 Weather: Partly Cloudy, High of 36 Degrees.

A whole bunch of New Year’s Eve events are on our calendar. Remember, fireworks at midnight in Central Park tonight!

Applications to get onto the community board are due by January 18. How to apply.

Alexandra Karlson, a third-grade teacher at The Anderson School for gifted and talented kids was pulled from the classroom after school officials found she had given students the highest possible grade on a test that many apparently didn’t take. A father at the school blamed the school testing regimen: “‘This is the fault of standardized testing. It puts all the pressure on the teachers to succeed,’ said the dad whose daughter was in Karlson’s class. ‘[Karlson] was great. All the kids liked her.'” (Daily News)

As we’ve reported, rents may have stopped going up, on average. (NY Times)

Extell lost another battle when a resident at The Rushmore on Riverside Boulevard successfully sued over a noisy courtyard. “Jennifer Obolewicz, an executive assistant at a New York-based music label and a Rushmore owner, filed suit in 2010, claiming that the sponsor installed generator exhaust pipes and vent fans without warning in a private courtyard outside her unit after she purchased the property in 2009.” (The Real Deal)

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    1. jeffrey says:

      A teacher who was cheating should be kept because the “all kids liked her?” I’d like her too if I was a kid she was helping to cheat. Yet, she shouldn’t be punished because the “all the kids liked her?” I’m guessing this father is one of the same guys who brings his screaming kids out to eat and obliviously let’s them annoy everyone in the restaurant because he wants to be the cool dad who never disciplines his kids.