A van and an Audi crashed at the corner of  99th Street and West End Avenue on Sunday around noon, and our tipster Sachin got two views of the accident, above and below. Sachin told us that he heard the driver of the Audi talking on the phone after the crash: the driver said that the van was traveling North on West End when it went through a red light. The Audi was traveling West and slammed into the van, which apparently had no passengers in it. No one appeared to be hurt.

“Interestingly, even though the Audi seems to be totaled, the air bags never went off. ”

NYPD had no information on the crash.

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    1. susan says:

      Was the van driver on the cell causing the van to go through the red light??

    2. Karen says:

      How is it possible that NYPD has no info when cop car was in clear view. Doesn’t say much for administrative prowess of our police force

    3. Drew Stone says:

      Really? A “Supershuttle” got in an accident?? Those guys are maniacs.