“Will It Be, Can It Be,” by JL Abraham.

A new printmaking exhibit opens on Saturday at St. Agnes Library on 81st Street and Amsterdam Avenue, A series of linocuts by artist JL Abraham will be on display, inspired by Gertrude Stein’s writings.

“‘More Than Wishes’ is a series of multicolored linocuts made over the past two years. The verbal geometry of Gertrude Stein’s writings (produced by her repetition of words and phrases) is the foundation of the visual geometry of these prints. The prints’ visual geometry, in turn, draws attention to Stein’s ambiguous, evocative, even provocative questions and declarations.”

Click through for some more of Abraham’s works. The exhibition runs through Dec. 30.

In addition, 25 CPW, an art gallery in 25 Central Park West at 64th Street, will open an art market from Dec. 13 to Dec. 23 with artists manning their own booths. This is the first year they’ve done this and they are looking for more artists to participate, so check out the site if you’d like to sell your art.

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    1. Stanley Zabar says:

      Who do you contact to get involved in the art show and gallery