As we reported last night, the Upper West Side is now housing evacuees from all over the city, because we have power and food. It’s time to roll out the welcome mat! Just learned this from Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal:

“Upper West Side shelter needs help: clothes in large sizes needed for Sandy evacuees at MS 118, 154 West 93 St.”

Update: We now hear that they have enough clothes. Thanks to everyone who gave!

There are three shelters in the neighborhood. The one at John Jay College had enough volunteers last night (not sure about tonight yet) but the following two were running low on volunteers and will need help again tonight, including for overnight shifts:

Brandeis High School on West 84th Street (between Amsterdam & Columbus Avenues).

MS 118 on 93rd Street (between Amsterdam & Columbus Avenues)

If you can volunteer at an evacuation shelter or know anyone who can, please contact Shelly Fine at or 917.453.3911.

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    1. Helen Graves says:

      I have a few things that I can take in, and will – but does anyone know if there’s a need for kids’ clothes? Because I have two bags of boy’s jeans, etc., that were about to go to Goodwill (mostly size 12).

    2. neal says:

      Do we just show up?

    3. Lilian says:

      I have several bags of size small adult women’s clothes. If those would be helpful, I’m happy to bring them over. Please let me know! Thanks

    4. Anna says:

      Do they need water? We have a case of 15, 1-liter bottles.

    5. Priscilla Pippin says:

      Oct. 31, 2012

      Hello! My name is Priscilla Pippin, and I am from Fredericktown, Pennsylvania. We were one of the lucky one’s that did not suffer much from hurricane Sandy, except for a little rain and wind. I, along with several PA residents here, would very much like to help volunteer our services in helping to donate to the unlucky victims from this terrible disaster. I would be volunteering my time to do the traveling to bring all of the donations that we are able to collect. I would just like to have information on where a few of us would be able to stay for the short time that we are there, and where/whom we would need to report to, to drop off the items. Thank you and God bless all of you out there recovering from this tragedy. You can also contact me at 724-809-3710, please leave a message if I don’t answer right away.

      P.O. Box 845
      Fredericktown, PA 15333 Thank You,

      Priscilla Pippin

    6. Mary says:

      I would like to ship large size clothing. May I have an address.

    7. Joanna says:

      I went to both the W. 93rd and John Jay shelters this afternoon to volunteer and was turned away–they do not need volunteers anymore at either of these shelters…and I think that’s a good thing!