The Columbus Avenue Festival stretched from 66th Street to 86th Street on Sunday and was packed for much of the day.

Some things we overheard:

Tall, fashionable lady with poofy-haired dog passing a rack of fur coats: “Oh furs, furs, furs! Oh, I already have too many furs. I need to give them away.”

Customer: “More white sauce. Don’t skimp. Okay, how much for the gyro? Ten bucks? TEN?” Cashier: “You shoulda read the sign.” Next customer: “Ten bucks? Forget it.”

And oversaw… Tony Danza rollerbladed through the festivities, tipster Michael Vooss told us. Also: “Not a single sausage vendor along the 20 blocks. Used to be one every corner or two. Mozzarepa guys were few and far between, too. Although you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a crepe.”

And some photos:

Photo by Bill Calamita.

The lady and the parrot. Maybe she had just spotted Tony Danza rollerblading.

Obama HQ opens on 80th Street and Columbus. Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal does her best “Call Me Maybe.”

The festival was packed. Photo by Michael Vooss.

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    1. Jay says:

      Best deal award goes to- Medici shoes! I left with two knee high leather boots and a pair of tennis shoes for $30 total!

      Did anyone else find anything worth sharing?

    2. Chris says:

      I thought there were fewer people this year but once again, such a great event! One of the great reasons to live & love the UWS!