Second Time Around, a chain of consignment shops that opened an Upper West Side location last year, is expanding again. The store plans to open a new 2,000-square-foot shop at 238 West 72nd Street by the end of the year, Crain’s reported. That space used to house a stationary store, but has been vacant for awhile.

A consignment shop sells items that people bring in and then gives a percentage of the sale price (40% in STA’s case) to the original owner.

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    1. Chris says:

      This is my block! I was hoping something would come into this space soon. I am not familiar with STA, but it will certainly help with the thinning out of the closets each season, so welcome!

    2. Dave Mason says:

      Is this a typo, and the store gets 40%, or does the store really get 60% of the purchase price? Seems crazy high for consignment.