Spiderman the sex criminal? Wonder Woman the speed dealer? Superman the ‘roid-head?

Upper West Sider Skye Greenfield wants us to reconsider our notions of good and evil, so she created a series of posters highlighting the imagined wrongdoings of some of America’s most popular superheroes. Wonder Woman, for instance, “has been rumored to have fallen in with a bad crowd.” Superman may be taking “illegal Kryptonian drugs.” (Check out all six posters in links to pdf’s at the bottom of this article.)

She’s been pasting them around the Upper West Side and in other neighborhoods.

“I’ve put up so many posters around the city it’s hard to keep track of where they all are.  If it was on the UWS its safe to say it was somewhere between the JCC and Columbus Circle. I hope they’re still up but they seem to get taken down pretty quickly.  I try to re-post once or twice a week.

As for the reason behind them (other than that these dangerous criminals must be stopped!):

These wanted posters are an extension of my senior thesis project. I was a photo major at SVA so when say “thesis” I mean a bunch of cohesive photographs, not a really long essay.

The work itself is meant to deal with societal preconceptions of what is good and evil.  We like to think that people innately know what is right and wrong but when you look back through history and at different societies the line between the two isn’t always so clear. Even in today’s world so many people are doing so many horrible things that we see as terrible but they see as right.

In a world where professional athletes cheat and a man’s career can be all but ruined because of a blow job why wouldn’t Wonder Woman be a slut and Superman a juice head? Plus, it’s funny.

When I graduated in May I felt like I wasn’t done. As these photographs and narratives are a reflection of the world, turning this project into a public, interactive discussion felt like the next logical step.

There are 5 other dangerous reformed heroes out there (6 total), so keep your eyes peeled for the other posters and please be sure to send all tips and sightings to stopsuperheroesnow@gmail.com.”

Wanted Poster_Batman

Wanted Poster_Flash

Wanted Poster_Hulk

Wanted Poster_Spiderman

Wanted Poster_Superman

Wanted Poster_Wonder Woman

Photo by SpecialKRB via flickr.

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