Down & Quilt Shop, the bedding store that has been on Columbus Avenue and 85th Street for 28 years, is closing, and they’re liquidating much of their inventory.

But the good news is that the owner has found a new space nearby, at 527 Amsterdam Avenue (between 85th and 86th), and already signed a lease. That was the former home of Summa Gallery. The landlord at her current space had raised the rent numerous times, and this time the store couldn’t afford it, owner Beth Scholten (below) said.

Down & Quilt has been threatened with extinction before — a facebook page was even created to “save” it, and Beth once had an “I Need Your Help!” sale. The facebook page said:

“Recently, a number of stores on the UWS have closed, but The Down & Quilt Shop has remained, but barely. Like many small stores it has fallen on hard times and the owner, Beth, needs your help. Please take a look at this site, look at the products that TD&QS has to offer and if you see something you like, please order it – they ship! Help keep a neighborhood shop alive.”

Scholten said she was sad to leave the store that she had first opened when she was just 23, but doesn’t plan to make her customers go even one day without a chance to buy a quilt — she plans to close the old store on April 30, and open the new one the next day. Much of the inventory will be on sale as the store liquidates some of its old stock.

    1. meech says:

      I never know why a store who is relocating would put a giant “STORE CLOSING” sign in their window. They’re not closing, they’re moving — and missing a good opportunity to let their clients know they’re okay and entice them back. Good luck to them.

      • mommy says:

        Well, there is also a sign that says “Moving Sale” with additional information below it.

    2. 11/03/20122 I just stumbled on this site thyinag to find out how Beth made out in Sandy. I bought a down quilt farom her in 2007. I find it the most satisfying purchase I can remember. If you don’at own one, I recommend that you get in touch with her right away at the new store. No more heavy wool blankets. You’ll start spending a third of youar life in real coamfort!

    3. Geraldine Rodriguez says:

      The variety and diversity of the individually owned shops in Manhattan are disappearing because the rents have skyrocketed.
      Manhattan is becoming a big box store Mecca just like the rest of America.
      What can we do about It?
      Greed controls everything…