Department of Health inspectors have been busy above 100th Street this month, as they have already closed and then re-closed two restaurants for health violations.

Have you eaten your lunch yet? You might want to finish up before you read this.

Kennedy Fried Chicken at 912 Columbus Avenue around 105th Street has actually been closed twice by the city in the past three weeks after first racking up a whopping 87 points in an inspection on June 30. During that inspection, the inspector found mice or evidence of mice, filth flies, adulterated or contaminated food, and “personal cleanliness inadequate” (“Outer garment soiled with possible contaminant. Effective hair restraint not worn in an area where food is prepared.”).

In a second inspection on July 6, the evidence of mice and flies was still there, and a third check-in yielded more adulterated food and evidence of mice on July 8. Someone at Kennedy said the restaurant plans to reopen tomorrow. Third time’s a charm?

Columbus Restaurant, which is right across the street from Kennedy, was closed on July 6 after landing on the department’s watch list back in June. Inspectors found that cold items weren’t being held at low enough temperatures, and there weren’t the right facilities or thermometers to make sure things were being kept at the right temperatures. Then on July 11 the restaurant was closed by the city again, because it still didn’t have the right equipment. They also say they’ll be serving food tonight.

Image via Google street map.

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