The city marshals have been getting awfully familiar with the Upper West Side, as they recently shut down another shop around the same time they locked the doors at the famous H&H Bagels last week. CafĂ© St. Honore, the quaint little cafe next to Bomboloni at 189 Columbus Avenue between 68th Street and 69th Street, has been vacated, with a marshal’s notice slapped on the door.

The French cafe had four tables, along with a bench outside, and served sandwiches and coffee. When the shop started selling $1 pizza, the whiff of desperation began to hang over the place. How do you make rent on Columbus Avenue selling $1 slices? It can’t have helped when Bomboloni moved into the adjacent space last year. The yelp reviews are essentially a repeating tale of disappointment:

“From Columbus Avenue in the chain happy Upper West Side, Patisserie Saint Honore looks like a gem– an owner run small cafe with a nice quiet atmosphere and cute quirks. But two bits [sic] and three sips of coffee in, it becomes evident that it’s really nothing more than a glammed up deli and possibly an upset stomach.”

Dimall Food, the company that apparently owned the restaurant,shows up in a bankruptcy court filing in April in New Jersey. This all sounds vaguely familiar.

Thanks to Rob S. for the tip.

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Photos by Avi.