Vermont Tree Sellers Dish on Prices and Species

Colby Grant and Katherine Albright.

Photos and Story by Jeff French Segall

Colby Grant and his assistant Katherine Albright are hard at work bundling, wrapping and schlepping trees for eager families for the Christmas season.

They arrived a few days ago, at the corner of Columbus Avenue and 90th Street, with an amazing assortment of holiday decorations from small wreaths, stands, garlands and potted plants to 14-foot high trees.

The trees vary in type and price. Balsams, Fraser fir and Douglas firs are available in prices that vary from $55 to over $400. Colby explains that the Frasers are considered the crème de la crème. They grow more slowly which is why their prices are higher than the balsams.

Colby and his associates hail from Vermont where they spend the rest of the year mostly in maple syrup production. He says he loves the Upper West Side and he seems to have a number of fans who come from pretty far uptown as well as from the Upper East Side to buy trees from him. He modestly says he doesn’t know why, but with his winning smile and his eagerness to help customers, it’s not difficult to understand the reason.

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    1. Wayne Z. says:

      Colby has a nice selection and fair prices. Happy to have supported his business this Christmas season.

    2. Yatai Decor says:

      nice one, i was using artificial Christmas Tree for christmas Decoration,but this is nice. thank you fo0r sharing.

    3. Marianne Zarcadoolas says:

      I love having Colby back decorating our sidewalk every Christmas. He’s a lovely human and it brings a smile to my face every day.