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We’ve all heard it and probably have said it ourselves “oh my aching feet”

Foot pain can be one of the most debilitating types of pain for both the average person, fitness enthusiast and weekend warrior/athlete.

Unfortunately, when your feet hurt, everything hurts. The foot is the foundation of the body. It’s the first thing to touch the floor each morning and the last thing to leave the floor each night.

Therefore, if the foot isn’t feeling or functioning well, then the rest of the body is likely to suffer as well. Everything starts at the foot/ankle. If the foot/ankle is not functioning properly, your knees, hips and lower back are more vulnerable to injury.

According to research Burnes (2009) suggested that foot pain affects up to 42% of the population at any given time. One of the most common sources of foot pain is the arch or mid foot, followed by the ball of the foot and then the heel.

Foot pain is not only uncomfortable and caused by various reasons, ( overuse,  weakness/tightness improper footwear or shoes) but can also increase your risk for a fall and can reduce physical and mental aspects of quality of life (Hawke & Burnes, 2009)

Foot pain can be prevented or more likely reduced if you maintain proper mobility and strength of the toes, ankles, hips and buttock muscles. Areas to stretch are your calf, inner thighs and hamstring muscles.

In addition to weakness and tightness in various areas, flat feet can cause you to pronate ( foot collapsing to the inside), which is another reason to make sure you have strength within your toes, around the hips/buttock area.

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We will not only discuss your goals, fitness experience and health history, but we’ll assess your posture, gait, balance, mobility and overall strength. After we gather all this information, we can then figure out what movements/exercises are best for you to not only reduce the risk of achy joints, but to improve your overall fitness level.

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